Dom, Aggressive, Stud, Lesbian, Butch, FTM, Transman, Bulldagger

In today’s society categories do not classify well what gender an individual is. As science proves the beliefs of the world wrong, individual are able to prove with evidence to society, that they can be who they are. People are who they were born to be. Each individual has the power to choose to be who they are, or what society wants them to be.
Masculine women are born with traits of more than one gender identity. Being the Wo-Men they are causes them to accept themselves in their masculine, and feminine identity. Masculine women will not have disphoria, if they accept themselves for who they are.
When you look at a masculine female, gender binary is always challenged. These Wo-Men(masculine women) are usually ostracized, or secluded from societies labeling, as a particular gender identity. Masculine women naturally fit into more than one gender identity. Since these Wo-Men choose not to take Testosterone, nor do they want, or need chest, or penile surgery, to look, or feel masculine, they are not accepted as FTM( female to male, transgender, transmen). These Wo-Men are not accepted as butch, or stud, lesbians, because lesbians consider them to be too much of a man.
In reality Masculine women should be comfortable being masculine women, there is no category to define the third gender identity traits that they are born. Wo-men are classified all over the gender spectrum. Being a Wo-Man myself, I have learned life is more pleasant when you define who you are regardless of what others think. Otherwise you will spend your life in a dysphoria trying to be what you think you should, rather than who you are.



Is Heaven Designed for Bishop Eddie Long?


Americans all over the United States have turned their televisions to BET’s (Black Entertainment Television) cable station and seen Bishop Eddie Long of Atlanta’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, preaching or doing a commercial, at one point in time. Leading a mega church with over 25,000 members the prominent Bishop Long is hard to miss. In 2004, one month after voters approved an amendment in the state of Georgia’s constitution that banned gay marriage; Bishop Long led his congregation in a march of over 25,000 people against gay rights. Long is one of the most vocal activists against gay rights, and gay marriage in the Black Church.
For attempting to set such a strong example of heterosexual role modeling for Black Christians in Church today Bishop Long failed. In September of 2010 multiple allegations of four young men in their twenties, accused Long of sexual misconduct. The young men had evidence of how Long abused his spiritual guidance for youth. The evidence Bishop Long faced was in the cell phone messages, texts, and portraits, he exchanged with the four young men. Maurice Robinson, Jamal Parris, Anthony Flagg, Spencer LeGrande, and one anonymous young man, accused Long of seducing them as teenagers, and using church funds to do it. Long gave the four teenagers cash, cars, trips across the world, and gifts in exchange for sexual favors. It all began when Bishop Long befriended the teenagers between the ages 14-16 years old.
When Bishop Long spoke to his congregation of New Birth, for the first time after these allegations, Bishop Long vowed to fight the charges, and his day in court would come. While outside the church Long’s spokesperson refused any comment, and his legal team began instantly negotiating with plaintiffs.
In May of 2011 Bishop Long settled out on this same case he claimed he would fight. It was reported that Long settled the payout with an amount between 15-25 million dollars. Importantly the settlement was with a gag order.
This case is one of many that happen regularly in Black Churches across the U.S.A. Even though this case could have opened a much needed dialogue in the Black Church and Community on such topics as AIDS, homosexuality, and molestation, it could not because of the gag order. Yes the victims were compensated, but the Black Church was not. By silencing problems of importance, the stigmas in the Black Church have gotten worst. In late September, in Atlanta when Long was accused, 20 ministers gathered to pray especially for Bishop Long, and not one of them prayed for the four young men. These men were turned away by the Black Church, when they should have been loved. Bishop Long was even crowned like a king by Jewish leaders, while one of the young men attempted to committed suicide.
Religious leaders are treated as “gods” in more cases than one. But even “gods” make mistakes. But how they are even crowned gods when they prey, molest, and rape, young children. Where is the justice for our children? By leaving Bishop Long in the pulpit it says religious leaders can do whatever they want even if it’s wrong, and get away unscathed. However, humans are all equal. Religion is a choice for adults; however, it is forced on our children to believe. Yet, no one protects our children when they are violated, by the “gods”, preachers, priests, prophets, evangelists, bishops, apostles, and popes, we tell them to trust. Due to forgiveness, if violators, rapists, and murderers, or Bishop Long repents they can go to heaven. Where is the validation for the victims. So religion teaches as long as you apologize, you can do anything and still be rewarded. Victims are forced in a hell with the pain of seeing their rapist, molester,or murderer, rejoicing in heaven. It’s time for equality in our world today. The truth of religions lies needs to be recognized, in the Black Church, and Community, in order for them to move forward. It will come as evidence continues to wake humans from their willful ignorance, into learning truth.

The Butch & Stud Transman Aggressive Lesbian Defined


I never thought of myself as a female or male,  I only knew what I was told to believe as a child, until I began to read and understand. Having only older brothers to follow, I always tried to excel at everything they achieved. Wrestling, football, weight lifting and drums were my childhood activities. Braiding Barbie’s hair was a waste of time. I would have rather seen a transformer being smashed by a mud pie.  At the age of two, I drove a Michael Knight car because it was what I wanted to do. I never understood why I was always told “girls don’t play the drums or football”, until now.
I am a 80’s baby born into an era where affirmation was physically justified.  I grew up in a time period when everyone was creating personal human definitions, regardless if they were accepted into society or not. Now in 2012 we are at a point where humans must accept each others differences.  Race, and Sex, no longer have boundaries giving limits to our capabilities.  Humans are now being forced to give their best effort, to excel in whatever they choose to do. People no longer want to be judged by their appearance, they rather be judged by their words, and actions.
My barber cuts my hair into a close fade hair style every week. In the morning I trim my side burns, and brush my hair neatly. I wear men’s clothing from head to toe. Boxers, briefs, and an A shirt, are the only pieces of underwear that I know. I am identified as a man wherever I go. So its more comfortable to use the men’s restroom.  The only feminine things about me are my vagina, and menstruation.  By strapping down my breasts my pecks look outstanding. I am athletic, and creative, in great outdoor activities,
You see I am masculine in every thought and action. However this does not change my body, because I was born a woman.  I am attracted to females, and only see males as friends. I treat my lady better than a man would because I understand her every need.
I am a butch, stud, transman, and AG, the masculinity of a man, is the appearance I maintain, and lifestyle I live.  Who I am is not just an image.  My aggressive nature as a woman has evolved through our human race.
Evolution is evident in our present time. Evolution is accepting that change is necessary for life. Years ago people had to sneak and be gay. Homosexuals were killed with no thought that a life was being taken, more than they are today. Today life is more free, even our President Obama accepts me.  People live as animals and are left to be, who they want. Religion and society no longer direct people’s thoughts. Science has changed lives, by proving truths no man can defile. I am a woman masculine defined by the appearance of my body that my natural testosterone has created. No hormones are needed for you to see the WO-man I am today  I am naturally a masculine woman who does not allow society, and religion do to determine how I will be portrayed.

Black Butch Freethinker

The first lesson I learned in life growing up, is to always tell the truth and not to lie to anyone. Such a contradiction to the lies I was told as time passed, and I grew up. Raised as most humans to believe in the power of one god, I was forced into Christianity demographically.  The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and god, all gave me a broken heart, and an urgency not to trust people I love. The lies I was told pushed me towards all knowledge and truth.
As a Universal Chef I have chosen to be responsible for feeding people.  All 5 of every humans senses need nourishment to survive. My job is to help people learn what they need to eat to live, and how to share it with others. Through food, I feed the body, and through knowledge I feed the mind, which supports the body.
As you read my blogs you will see I love living life, and will live it past the edge of the universe. I am a proud Black Butch Freethinker who supports all life living. The more I learn the more I will share. The longer my journey the more of life’s knowledge I can share.

Religion at its best

One beautiful saturday afternoon at lunch with my wife, we sat outside on some picnic tables, enjoying quality time. As we enjoyed our meal and the scenery with fresh air, a man came by with something to say. As he walked up to us he stated,”do you know Jesus Christ is coming back?” The man looked confused and brain washed. There was no confidence in his statement, all I saw was his own fear. Spending quality time with my wife made me unable to fall into a truthful religous discussion with this man. I replied to him, that I did not believe in what he was telling me, and did not choose to. This offended the man I could tell by his face. The man then said,” God will accept you.” I laughed because this man did not understand the Creator I believe in accepts all life for what it is and chooses to be.
I then replied to him that he needed to get out of my face, and I did not want to hear what he had to say. I was straight forward in a polite way. The only reason why the man came to prophecy to me and my wife is because we are gay. After my response he looked angry and kept talking saying” Jesus is lord and he can save you,” and after a few more words he turned and walked away forced by me stating that ” christians should be polite, and I asked you to leave us alone, you are being rude.” The man then turned away upset and angry. I continued and had a beautiful lunch with my wife. I understand people wanting to share thier beliefs, that is ok. However, no matter what your belief system you can not force it on people. To persuade someone to join your value system of beliefs, you must make them believe what you say. I can not be persuaded easily by religion, because I know thier true origins. Religion was made by man, for contol, wealth, and power. I do love to discuss the difference in lies and truth, but not to people who are rude. Conversation can go a long way, but you must listen as well as speak, when conversing. This man just wanted to speak and not listen. So how could his god accept me when, he could not even respeect what I was saying. Its ok to have a point of view, but you can not scare people to agree. The sad part is most religions scare people into believing they need someone to suceed. Each person was born with life able to exist and transform into whatever they like. The truth is that as a man thinketh therefore he is. If you accept yourself there is no limit for who you choose to be. Life is what you make it. Thrity seven million peolple are in poverty in the world. These people are forced out of living in truth by their environments, however because of free will they have a chance to live life in all its honest beauty. According to a Gallup survey in over 100 countries, the more poverty a country is, the more religous people that country contains. Poverty supports religion. The only way to a rich life is by accepting and searching to live in all truth. Otherwise you may be robbed by man’s religon of your wealth, tithed or given for man’s gain.

Respect Us!

I am somebody, and I am real. I breath air, and sleep at will. I nourish my body to survive, and require love to stimulate my mind. All of these things make me human, so why am I not respected as one.

Me and my wife work, and my son goes to school. We spend time as a family, having fun and learning life’s evolution. We take family vacations, and heal eachother’s wounds.Yet my family is looked upon as shrude.

For years our ancestors have been raped, beaten, and killed. All to survive and be accepted in society, at their free will. Blood, sweat, and tears, all for the cause of being who they are, which is human just like the rest of the world.

People will be people, some real and some fake. It is ok to be confused, but not ok to cause damage purposely inraged. Discrimination is against all LGBT and queer at hand. So why discriminate eachother together we should stand.

Our own community is against eachother because of labels and pride. But we fail to realize if we join together and accept eachother we will have a stronger fight. The struggle is still on. Even if you love the same sex, you can’t marry unless you go to New York, or some other country out of the U.S.. So we our fighting the wrong people for our love to be expressed.

This blog is for my LGBT families, who know true love, and still express it toward eachother no matter who cares. We will open doors, and one day be free. So our kids don’t have to marry based on society.