Your Rainbow You Create

Those days in your life when it seems every emotion is turned.

It’s hard to explain why you can’t get a hold of the burn.

You can’t be Petty or the world will never learn.

So intense you want to cry, but so excited by life you want to dance inside.

Holding on to each second of it for what it’s worth, makes you silently scream for a stance….

Because honestly you can’t identify who is the curse.

Trying to decipher is not the cure, you must wait out the moment to see what’s in store.

Every second changes your feelings making you evaluate deep within.

Your mind is always racing, but this time your body wants a chance to win.

As the sun begins to set, your blood vessels pump a little less.

You go to a place where love only exists at this pace.

This love is faithful and true, it’s a love where even in the mist of the worlds chaos, no one can give it to you but you.

As your own blood soothes you heart, your mind begins to reset each pulse with every thought.

You see the world is all around, but it’s not in you.

Only you can understand how to be a light and shine to guide the Earth’s view.

So keep your composure on those irratic days.

When you get home enjoy the prisms of the rainbows, that you may have made.


Best Home Remedy For swollen Gums or Wisdom Teeth Teething

Wisdom teeth growing in can be a pain in the neck. However, with the help of some foods you can rely less on pain relievers, and mouth ointments. These two home remedies are great to cure swollen gums.

Garlic is number one. This is not good for children because of the taste, and it burns when applied. It may sting or burn but it works wonders for adults. I usually do this at bed or nap time, so you can relax and wake up pain free. Just cut of a slice of a clove of garlic, and chew it on the teeth that hurt, to break it up some. Place it on the gum area in the swollen, and painful area of your mouth. Hold it hear as long as you can if it’s 1 min or 15 minutes. Drinking water helps subside it’s strong flavor. After you take it out drink water until you eat something after a nap or sleep.

My favorite easy remedy is tumeric. This is great for children not infants but age 5 and up. It does not sting or burn, but its mildly spicy like pepper. It is number two because it is not as effective as garlic. It works but not as fast, you have to do this more times than with garlic. However, it does relieve swelling without a torng taste, or burning sensation. Peel the tumeric and cut a slice. Do the same as the garlic, chew it to break it up, and park it in your gumline where you are feeling pain, or swollen. This does not burn so you can leave it for hours or as long as you like.

Unlike most people I have extra wisdom teeth. They have been growing in even in my 30’s. My dentist said as long as there not unbearable there’s no need to remove them. I agree, but from time to time I feel like a teething baby. So garlic is my number one and tumeric is my number two remedy. I also gargle and rinse my mouth with Listerine, or peroxide when brushing my teeth. As I try more alternative home remedies I will update this post.

Robinhood For Beginners

At first I was nervous investing in stock. Why should I take a chance on loosing my hard earned money? Then I saw a Robinhood App and realized I could ivest without loosing money in fees, or giving it to stock advisors.

Robinhood gives you a free stock just to sign up. All you have to do is know someone like me, that already has the app. By using a friend’s promotion code you have a chance to begin making money for free. This is a way to begin saving for your future, while investing.

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Investing in not for the week. Investing is for strong disciplined minded individuals who want to own a part of our future. Money you make today means more money for tomorrow. With Robinhood’s App this is possible. The longer you hold the more money you make in the future.

The stock exchange is made easy to understand through Robinhood’s App.

Buy, sell, and set limits on your own money having control of your future. Once I got my first stock free, it made it easier to understand how stocks work at no cost. Now I can control what I buy or sell in the stocks I like.

I am offering you the chance of a lifetime.

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Download the Robinhood App and use my free stock code to advance into your future of more money. Watch your pockets begin to grow for free.

Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

Fresh Pineapple Tea

All around my neighborhood pineapple is on sale this week. At the price pineapple is selling for you can’t resist indulging in this delectable, healthy, fruit. Pineapple is a good source of nutrition, and helps with inflammation, digestion, and many other ailments. When most people eat pineapple, they discard the skin, and crown, of the fruit after cutting it. These people are missing out on a great easy way to make use of all the benefits a pineapple has to offer.

The crown once cut off makes a good garnish, if your cutting up fruit for family to eat right away. Place it in the center of your plate of cut pineapple. The crown can also be planted in your garden to grow more pineapple.

The skin makes a great easy tea, sometimes referred to as pineapple water. You can drink pineapple tea hot, or cold.

After you cut your pineapple up take the core, and skins and place them into a 8 quart pot. Fill the pot with water.

Bring this to a boil. Then simmer for 45 minutes. While simmering add honey, or sugar to sweeten. Ginger, tumeric, vanilla, and cinnamon, can also be added for flavor if you like.

Once done cooking place in a pitcher to cool, or enjoy while it’s hot. Refrigerate left over tea. Enjoy.

How To Make Batter Stick When Frying

Tonight a problem was solved. While frying shrimp in the house, the batter would not stick . The grease I was cooking in was heated to the proper temperature. However, the shrimp kept loosing it’s batter coating while Frying.

The batter was quickly adjusted by adding seltzer water. This gave the batter some air, and thickened it to the consistency of pancake batter.

Next the shrimp were dusted in flour before dipping into the batter to fry.

Once slowly submerged into the frying oil, the shrimp adjusted perfectly. The batter stuck to the shrimp, plus they came out nicely coated golden, and brown.

These shrimp made perfect for a General Tso Shrimp dish. Once tossed in the sauce they were even better.

This was a great way to accompany Honey Ginger dressed Broccoli Slaw for an exquisite dinner. I will definitely make this meal again.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Sweet potatoes are a great side dish for any meal. They are full of vitamins and nutrients, and taste delicious. There are many ways to prepare a potato, for a meal. Tonight was my first time trying to make gnocchi. I figured why not make them with sweet potatoes. My creativity helped me enjoy a meal I had never had before.

Making the gnocchi was fun, and easy. Forming the proper shape for presentation was a challenge. However, the shape of gnocchi I made did not effect it’s flavor or taste.

The steps for production were easy. First I mixed the gnocchi. Which was less of a mess than I thought it would be. The sweet potatoes and egg held everything together.

Second I rolled four portions of sweet potato gnocchi dough. Convert portion balls into logs. Followed by cutting the logs them into pieces.

These delectable sweet potato gnocchi were then shaped with a fork, boiled and iced bathed. The ice bath stops them from sticking and being mushy.

Finally for added flavor I fried my sweet potato gnocchi in butter. This final step added flavor and made them nice and crisp, but still kept the insides soft. I would definitely make these again with other ingredients as well for flavor. They were fun to make. Delicious to taste. Moreover not time consuming. I did this all in 30 min. So give some gnocchi a try for a different side.

For a full meal I braised some chicken breast, and made a spinach ricotta cream sauce, with the gnocchi. This paired very well.

First Time Cooking Black Rice

Since I was a child I’ve always loved rice. Growing up hot bread, potatoes, pasta, or rice were served with most meals. Now at a older age in life I want to live eating more healthy. I try to eat carbs in moderation daily. I also have eliminated bleached foods from my diet.

When I eat rice it’s usually brown rice. One day someone introduced me to black rice. Once I tasted the black rice I fell in love. The flavor is stonger than brown rice, plus it has a lot of nutrients. Looking at it I thought this can not be easy to make, but I’m going to give it a try.

I purchased a 2 pound bag and said I will give cooking my own black rice a try. It was as simple preparing it as brown rice is. Now that I know how to cook it, I can have it any time. I prepared it with blackened chicken, and avocado & tomato salad, it was a great combination. Black rice also goes well with fish. With so many varieties of rice available, why not eat the ones that are most healthy for you.