Making Madeline Cookies Without A Cookie Mold

Madeline’s are one of my favorite cookies. They are sweet, moist, buttery, and fluffy. Every bite of one brings you back to sweet memories of being a kid. These cookies are simple to make. They go great with a cup of coffee. I like them chocolate dipped, or topped with powdered sugar.

I wanted to make Madeline’s, but I realized I didn’t have a mold to bake them in. I didn’t let that stop me. After doing some googling, someone suggested making foil molds. I figured why not use foil to my advantage, and make lady finger shaped Madeline’s.

After mixing the batter I greased parchment paper with butter, and dusted it with flour. Making sure the paper covered the surface of a cookie sheet. Madeline batter spreads as it cooks. This is why a mold is important, but I don’t have one. So i used foil as a wall barrier helping to seperate my cookies while they baked. Otherwise without a barrier I would have a Madeline cookie cake. The foil worked. I was able to enjoy Madeline cookies without a mold. They were the right shape just a little bigger without a crimp. My recipe called for 12 cookies and I made 8.

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t succeed. Be innovative and achieve your dreams. With a little tweaking I’m sure I can make these cookies form even better next time.So it’s not a myth, you can make Madeline’s without a mold.

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