Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Sweet potatoes are a great side dish for any meal. They are full of vitamins and nutrients, and taste delicious. There are many ways to prepare a potato, for a meal. Tonight was my first time trying to make gnocchi. I figured why not make them with sweet potatoes. My creativity helped me enjoy a meal I had never had before.

Making the gnocchi was fun, and easy. Forming the proper shape for presentation was a challenge. However, the shape of gnocchi I made did not effect it’s flavor or taste.

The steps for production were easy. First I mixed the gnocchi. Which was less of a mess than I thought it would be. The sweet potatoes and egg held everything together.

Second I rolled four portions of sweet potato gnocchi dough. Convert portion balls into logs. Followed by cutting the logs them into pieces.

These delectable sweet potato gnocchi were then shaped with a fork, boiled and iced bathed. The ice bath stops them from sticking and being mushy.

Finally for added flavor I fried my sweet potato gnocchi in butter. This final step added flavor and made them nice and crisp, but still kept the insides soft. I would definitely make these again with other ingredients as well for flavor. They were fun to make. Delicious to taste. Moreover not time consuming. I did this all in 30 min. So give some gnocchi a try for a different side.

For a full meal I braised some chicken breast, and made a spinach ricotta cream sauce, with the gnocchi. This paired very well.


First Time Cooking Black Rice

Since I was a child I’ve always loved rice. Growing up hot bread, potatoes, pasta, or rice were served with most meals. Now at a older age in life I want to live eating more healthy. I try to eat carbs in moderation daily. I also have eliminated bleached foods from my diet.

When I eat rice it’s usually brown rice. One day someone introduced me to black rice. Once I tasted the black rice I fell in love. The flavor is stonger than brown rice, plus it has a lot of nutrients. Looking at it I thought this can not be easy to make, but I’m going to give it a try.

I purchased a 2 pound bag and said I will give cooking my own black rice a try. It was as simple preparing it as brown rice is. Now that I know how to cook it, I can have it any time. I prepared it with blackened chicken, and avocado & tomato salad, it was a great combination. Black rice also goes well with fish. With so many varieties of rice available, why not eat the ones that are most healthy for you.

Love Against A Wall

What I want I can only earn, and give to myself.

I could take what I want, and it would be mine.

I could steal what I want, and suffer the consequences of my conscience.

I can destroy, to rebuild, but will life grow again.

I choose to love, because that’s what I want, and it makes me whole.

Concentrating on myself leaves no room for disappointment in others.

Looking for attention wastes time to shine, and stunts my growth.

I was born alone, I’ll die alone.

Giving myself the best that I can, will make my life worth living.

I can only control myself, so why waste my time dictating anybody else.

The love I want to feel, is with in me to reveal.

You can want attention from others, but you have to give more to yourself.

Or risk drowning in your wants, instead of floating on the love of satisfying your own needs.

Focus on growth , and shine for the world to bask in your light.