Frying Chicken Covered or Uncovered

Yesterday I saw Martha Stewart frying chicken covered, in a cast iron skillet on her show. Tonight I’m frying chicken, and I decided to give it a try. I may not have a cast iron skillet yet but I do have a cover.
I’m preparing this meal as we speak. I did begin frying with the chicken covered the first five minutes of cooking.


However, I noticed once I opened the lid, the chicken appeared to be boiling in the oil. Now I like my fried chicken crispy. So this was not working for me at all. As I left the lid off, the chicken steamed less, causing less condensation in the oil, and more deep frying.  Yet I do think the lid on the first few minutes helped cook the chicken through some. But I’m finishing off lid off.


So now that it’s done I can see the difference in the crispness of the chicken I fried. The chicken I kept covered came out good but not as crispy as I like.


The chicken I only covered the first five minutes came out deliciously crispy and crunchy, yet it’s still moist inside.



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