As I look into your abyss the existence of life appears hopeless.
I am an ant compared to the universe.
The depths of the sea can swallow me up like a fish.
However, your ever flowing beauty makes me want to survive.

Blue waters, and white sands, Pink oceans, and black grains, no matter what color you are your existence is shown by the moon and the stars.
Science shows us that you can clearly birth all things.
As I watch your waters wave, they remind me that the earth is whole.
You are a third of all life, without your molecules earth would not survive.
There is no drop off at the ocean’s edge, as many myths have stated.
You record history in your memory as your horizon rotates by the earth’s side.
I am because I can.
You show me life’s existence through the land.
Your existence in me gives me power to sustain.
I can ride your seas to seven continents.
Your waves make me grow, because of you life evolves.
My success in life can reach as far as your depths.
You catch every tear I cry, and recycle them into my breath.
Whenever I place my body into your sea, I realize I stay wet.
I began to feel alive, with every drop of you I consume.
As the earth rotates I grow stronger, hydrated by its water.