Right now as we move forward into four more years with President Obama, there are some changes that need to be made. For years the filibuster has been used to delay legislation. A filibuster is a parliamentaary procedure used by an individual, allowing a member to delay or prevent a vote on any given proposal. It is characterized as a form of obstruction on legislature.
Senate rules allow a senator, or series of senators to speak as long as they wish on as many topics they choose. Unless three-fiths of the senators duly chosen and sworn, bring the debate to close by invoking cloture. Under current Senates rule, a rule can be filibustered with only two thirds of the senators present and voting, that all that’s needed to vote and end a debate. As opposed to the three-fifths of them sworn in.
Despite the rules of the Senate, it is possible that the filibuster can be changed.
In 1892 a rulling according to the Supreme Court, United States vs Ballin case made it so Senate rules could be achieved by majority. This filling has led us to where we are today. The human race is looking for equality. Gender, race, sexuality,and class no longer determine how people should be treated. The belief that majorities rule does not satisfy our culture anymore. Humans are now moving forward into new ways to respect every human equally. Senate has to find new ways to make sure when majority rules, no one is cheating.



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