President Obama’s Drones



Look up in the sky, it’s a bird…          It ‘s a a plane………no its a drone.  Today’s technology has made war, a fight humans don’t have to be present for.  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UVA)  better known as drones, are aircraft warriors used for war. The drones kill and fight controlled autonomously by computers inside of it, or under remote control of a navigator, or a pilot called a Combat Systems Officer, on the ground in another vehicle. 


Drones come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. This makes it hard for people to distinguish it from a typical recreational remote control plane.  Right now the USA is the only country with fully active drones. China has training drones until they have more experience to be fully operational. The USA is ahead in technology but we have not been using it responsibly. Since President Obama has been in office 300 of the 319 drone attacks in the past four years have killed 2,500 people. Some of the people killed by the drones were civilian insurgents, but many were also terrorists.


Before the 2012 election the Obama administration has been urgent to explain its rules and validate drone killing.  This made the public aware of the silent drone atacks, which sometimes killed American citizens as well as terrorists.  These attacks are so dangerous because they kill terrorists, by any means necessary. Even if it takes a innocent life. The ACLU is battling over this controversal target killing programme. The program and its kill list need to be adjusted to save the innocent. Especially when the people killed, and on the kill list have not been convicted or judged. 

So as the Obama Administration writess new agenda for the drone in 2013 maybe it will consort of more, scientific reaserch, transport, remote signaling,  or oil, and gas, and mineral exploration and production. We are looking for less innocent people being put to death worldwide.


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