The After Shock



As I open my eyes I see the damage I have caused.
I ridicule myself at the thought of the seconds of my life I have lost.
Caught up in a sunami bigger than I
my life was almost washed away until I found your tree of life to cling unto to survive.
Now after the waters have receeded I have been given a choice life or death?
I choose life and I contain the power to succeed it.
I learned in the library books god is a lie and the devil does not exist.
The sunami I experienced was part of nature’s life and if I had listened to the truth and went to higher ground I would not almost have drowned.
So as I live my mission is life at it’s best.
I have one shot.
I was put here like all humans with a choice to give it all I got.
I made knowledge my power.
Fear nor failure are options.
There is nothing I can not do.
Now that I am an atheist I must pay attention to what I say and do.
I am aware of power and control.
I know that humans will do anything to own, and contorl anything.
However I am a part of a new minority
The Peculiar Nation.
I stand on knowledge prooven by truth and logostics.
The matrix is a bitch and im gonna fuck it so hard.
The matrix was desined to enslave all human races
The only way to destroy the matrix is through true knowledge.
So watch as I create my after shock…


History Made As CERN Scientists Proove god Is A Myth By Creating Higgs Boson a.k.a. “The god Particle”



So the news is in CERN science center in Switzerland found Higgs Boson a.k.a. “the god particle” that started creation.  One step closer to showing how religion is a myth.  As Stephen Hawking says with the M Theory, “god is not necsssary for human existence,” is now prooven.