The Butch & Stud Transman Aggressive Lesbian Defined


I never thought of myself as a female or male,  I only knew what I was told to believe as a child, until I began to read and understand. Having only older brothers to follow, I always tried to excel at everything they achieved. Wrestling, football, weight lifting and drums were my childhood activities. Braiding Barbie’s hair was a waste of time. I would have rather seen a transformer being smashed by a mud pie.  At the age of two, I drove a Michael Knight car because it was what I wanted to do. I never understood why I was always told “girls don’t play the drums or football”, until now.
I am a 80’s baby born into an era where affirmation was physically justified.  I grew up in a time period when everyone was creating personal human definitions, regardless if they were accepted into society or not. Now in 2012 we are at a point where humans must accept each others differences.  Race, and Sex, no longer have boundaries giving limits to our capabilities.  Humans are now being forced to give their best effort, to excel in whatever they choose to do. People no longer want to be judged by their appearance, they rather be judged by their words, and actions.
My barber cuts my hair into a close fade hair style every week. In the morning I trim my side burns, and brush my hair neatly. I wear men’s clothing from head to toe. Boxers, briefs, and an A shirt, are the only pieces of underwear that I know. I am identified as a man wherever I go. So its more comfortable to use the men’s restroom.  The only feminine things about me are my vagina, and menstruation.  By strapping down my breasts my pecks look outstanding. I am athletic, and creative, in great outdoor activities,
You see I am masculine in every thought and action. However this does not change my body, because I was born a woman.  I am attracted to females, and only see males as friends. I treat my lady better than a man would because I understand her every need.
I am a butch, stud, transman, and AG, the masculinity of a man, is the appearance I maintain, and lifestyle I live.  Who I am is not just an image.  My aggressive nature as a woman has evolved through our human race.
Evolution is evident in our present time. Evolution is accepting that change is necessary for life. Years ago people had to sneak and be gay. Homosexuals were killed with no thought that a life was being taken, more than they are today. Today life is more free, even our President Obama accepts me.  People live as animals and are left to be, who they want. Religion and society no longer direct people’s thoughts. Science has changed lives, by proving truths no man can defile. I am a woman masculine defined by the appearance of my body that my natural testosterone has created. No hormones are needed for you to see the WO-man I am today  I am naturally a masculine woman who does not allow society, and religion do to determine how I will be portrayed.


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