Man Created Religon

A mortal man brought into life through supernatural power, and resurrecting from the grave ascending into the air, has acquired a status giving him legendary fame. The New Testament gives an account of Jesus Christ’s birth, life, and death. However, the history of Jesus Christ in the New Testament is written by people other than him. Due to this, the story of Jesus Christ born of an immaculate conception can not be credited, proven, or detected. When people are required to believe in something, evidence is necessary to prove its authenticity and truth. The evidence of Jesus Christ is supposedly shown through the words of 8-9 peoples’ testimonies of witness. The whole world is expected to believe in Jesus Christ based on history’s hear say, of these 8-9 people. The history of Jesus Christ, and the bible, changed over generations through the words and translations of people. The bible was translated so people of different generations could realistically understand when published in their time period.
Moreover, the bible causes mass confusion amongst Christians worldwide, following one god through his son, Jesus Christ written in the 42 different versions of the bible. How does one pick which bible is the right one when there are so many? According to Wikipedia there are at least 38,000 types of Christianity practiced worldwide today. So how can there be one true word of god or son of god, with so many variations throughout history. Yet still none of these variations have logical realistic evidence for proof that god, Jesus and the bible are real.
Let’s break this down and see how far we get………

The name Jesus originated from a Hellenistic Greek name created by early churches giving glory to Zeus and Iaso goddess formed form the names Gzeus, Gesus, and Easeus. These Greek names originated from the names Iesus, in Latin paganism, and Iesous, in Greek paganism. All these names came from the name Yashua, in Hebrew. In Hebrew scripture however, the name Yashua originates from the word YodHeyVavShinAyin. You see the letter J was not added in the English language up until about 500 years ago. King James and the Jewish Masoretic Priests helped reform our present grammar. The name Jesus was not translated into English language until 1630. In 1611 Jesus and King James names were printed as Iesous, and King Iames in the Bible.
In 332 B.C.E. Greeks led by Alexander the Great invaded ancient Kemet, Egypt. The Greeks had no alphabet, or writing language during this time. They were warlike barbarians fascinated by the intellectual Egyptians, and wanted to be in their secret spiritual system. The problem was the Egyptian Mechite Coptic Priests; teachings could not accept Greeks into the system, because human forms could not be worshipped as gods in Kemet. People of Kemet paid Homage to ancestors and stayed in tune with the universe through the principles of Maat.
After the death of Alexander the Great, his general Ptolemy V Epiphanes Eucharistos, took over control of Kemet. The Greek invaders were finally able to convince the Melchite Coptics that lived in Memphis Egypt to accept a god in human form, under Ptolemy’s leadership. The Melchite Coptics took part of the Medu Netcher writing system and adapted it to the Greek language. This is now known as Hieratic Demotic, which is proven when Rosette Stone, was used to decipher a small portion of the Medu Netcher. The Mechite Copotics accepted Ptolemy into their spiritual system and worshiped him as a god in 320 B.C.E. Ptolemy’s other Greek name was Soter meaning savior, because of his military status.
A fusion of Osiris, who was worshiped as a god with the sacred Api’s god of Memphis, added to Ptolemy created the Mechite Coptics new god. This fusion gave Ptolemy the names Osirapis or Serapis, meaning savior and leader of souls to the light as a new name for Ptolemy. Ptolemy was also called one who raises the dead, and protector of the afterlife. Serapis was later forced upon all people of Kemet to worship. Serapis was placed next to Isis replacing Osiris link to her. People who did not accept the god Serapis worshiped secretly in their home.
The Romans conquered Kemet and by 543 A.C.E. the first Roman church was built-in Kemet called the Coptic Monophysite Church. The Roman emperor Justinian appointed Baradai a priest to evangelize the Arabs and creating Islam.
In conclusion we have just reviewed the creation of religion, with proof through logical evidence. Jesus Christ and the god of the bible were created by humans and not inspired by god. Humans have been using religion to gain wealth power and control throughout history. Distrust, envy, and fear, have controlled 90% of the world for 1,200 plus years. This is the myth of all time, changing its story to keep its imaginary gods, and sons alive. Zeus, Dionysus, Osiris, Horus, Jesus, and god, are all fathers and sons that were made real through a belief forced upon people for generations. There is no evidence or proof the any god or his immortal son exists in history. Religion continues today to attack poverty-stricken uneducated people as followers. These people are easily forced, into believing, mainly because they fear to know the truth, distrusting knowledge unless it’s in the bible, and are envious to be the best immortal. The human mind can make real fake, or imaginations real. Religion will continue to control the world until knowledge of the truth destroys its power of imagination. One day Jesus Christ his father god and the bible will be myths, just like the gods of ancient Egypt and Greece.

Notes: Wikipedia Bible Translations


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