Hunger At The Zoo


Between time and space
lays a bubble that force fields the human race.
The existence of the earth’s masses is determined,
by how its people are separated.
So many species with only time,
take from the earth in order to sustain life.
With plenty of resources,
their stiil is hunger at the zoo.
Envy, fear, and distrust,
constantly leave these species with empty guts.
No remorse for the starving,
even when their purpose is not death.
Only wild animals of the world encased by religious, and political requests.
Surviving off each other,
rather than life,
has the human race killing each other out of spite.
The truth is there is no hunger at the zoo.
Every life is part of the food chain,
born with the instincts to live,
and evolve through change.
Power for control of the earth has brain-washed life to obtain it.
This same power forgot that life was not created by it.
Everything alive has a choice to play its role,
make its own story,
and achieve its own goals.
Nothing is impossible unless one says it is.
Control is a tactic to make people believe they can’t.
So that hunger at the zoo is up to each individual to feed.
No need to be hungry,
because at the zoo there is always something to eat.
That is why animals are  in cages, because of the fear that they will escape.
Just like humans if the cages are unlocked,
everyone will not be safe,
and all power will be even.
One day everyone will see that nothing can control life,
because it has all possibilities.
Life will break all cages,
and its animals once again will be free.
Free to never again be hungry.


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