Priceless Lifestyles


     No one on this earth is perfect.  People are constantly striving for perfection.  Everyone wants to be on top in wealth and success.  Religion, politics, and culture, control everything, unless you do not participate.  Everyone wants to be the best, at whatever they do.  There are many different categories, and practices, of politics, religion, and cultures.  People who engage on these 3 aspects, of life all want their group to be known as the best.  Wealth, respect, and power, are given to the greatest practice, or category of living life. 
     Money has become an exchange for time, and life.  Humans become unaware  that they are placing their money into a system pooled money pyramid.  Basically unknowingly giving money in exchange for an even amount of value.  The money circulates the world yet, it is not distributed evenly amongst its people. Some people on earth live in poverty, with inadequate food, water, education, and shelter. While ither people have such excess they waste it.
     Humans have forgotten that regardless of technology, we are fed by the earth not the stores we see. The earth supplies every living things needs and wants. The earth’s habitation gives life free will. Without the earth humans would no longer exist. 
     It seems that most humans distrust, fear, or envy each other, causing a constant fight for power, and control, in society. It’s a matter of whose the best. People don’t realize that religion, political stance, or culture do not create life. Life creates itself through nature, regardless of human existence. Humans are responsible for enjoying nature’s beauty, they are not on earth to destroy life, because they did not create it. Yes, humans have become intelligent enough to recreate life, in most of its forms. The only reason not in every form is because humans do not know the full recipe of life.


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