Born Again


I did not ask to be born,
I was created from life’s form.
Brought into a system of man, making profit off of life’s land.
Growing up in a Christian home I was raised to believe in an imaginary “god”, that the system bestowed.
No human can locate their origin, because years living in the system have erased where we come from.
In order to gain fortune of the world and beyond, man has trapped human minds, keeping them on earth and out of the universes eye.
Biology remains the same, always putting religion, and the system to shame.
Now that I know truth there is nothing left to do but exist, not just on earth, but also outside the universe.
There is no proof that “god” exits.
There is proof of life because it allowed me the time to write this.
Life is a part of every living thing.
Life brings existence to all that bow at its knees, never worshiping only being thankful for its reign.
Life requires no riches to succeed, it does it all on its own, even if it doesn’t use me.
All because life is free.


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