Deadly Food


Christians were right about one thing, don’t eat the pork. The book Leviticus in the bible specifically tells Christians not to eat pork, even though most Christians do not listen.  The condemnation of eating pork by “god” is proven by biological facts. Leviticus 11:7,8 and Deuteronomy 14:8 state “And the swine, because it divides the hoof, and yet does not chew cud, it is unclean unto you; you shall not eat of their flesh, nor touch their dead carcase. This scripture is put to shame by many who follow Christian faith.
A pig will eat anything, including urine, decaying animal flesh, maggots, and decaying vegetables. They will even eat cancerous growths off of other pigs or animals. The meat and fat of pork absorbs toxins, and is 30 times more toxic than venison, or beef. This is because pigs do not perspire. Toxins remain in their bodies because there is no perspiration to excrete them.  Swines and pigs have over a dozen parasites in them, such as worms, flukes, tapeworms, and trichinae.  There is no safe temperature  that pork can be cooked to, to ensure that the parasites, and their eggs, or cysts, can be killed.  Pork carries over 30 diseases that can be transferred to humans.
The swine is so dirty that puss, and filth constantly ooze out its body, but not fast enough so some of it gets in its meat. By eating the meat parasites and toxins are able to get into your body. Christians who say Christ abolished the law condemning the eating of pork, are motivated by their stomach not scripture. The problems with eating pork are biological,  Christ never changed biology’s laws, because they remain the same.
As humans it is natural for us to find life’s thrills, but even according to Christians not at the chance of intentionally expensing our human lives.  In every culture there is taboo thrills, that have a chance of death. Usually cultures consider you less of a man if you do not eat taboo foods.  From pork, hot peppers, fugu fish, and mushrooms, the choice is each individuals of what they eat. However if more people were conscious of their foods origin, would they still eat it?


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