Priceless Lifestyles


     No one on this earth is perfect.  People are constantly striving for perfection.  Everyone wants to be on top in wealth and success.  Religion, politics, and culture, control everything, unless you do not participate.  Everyone wants to be the best, at whatever they do.  There are many different categories, and practices, of politics, religion, and cultures.  People who engage on these 3 aspects, of life all want their group to be known as the best.  Wealth, respect, and power, are given to the greatest practice, or category of living life. 
     Money has become an exchange for time, and life.  Humans become unaware  that they are placing their money into a system pooled money pyramid.  Basically unknowingly giving money in exchange for an even amount of value.  The money circulates the world yet, it is not distributed evenly amongst its people. Some people on earth live in poverty, with inadequate food, water, education, and shelter. While ither people have such excess they waste it.
     Humans have forgotten that regardless of technology, we are fed by the earth not the stores we see. The earth supplies every living things needs and wants. The earth’s habitation gives life free will. Without the earth humans would no longer exist. 
     It seems that most humans distrust, fear, or envy each other, causing a constant fight for power, and control, in society. It’s a matter of whose the best. People don’t realize that religion, political stance, or culture do not create life. Life creates itself through nature, regardless of human existence. Humans are responsible for enjoying nature’s beauty, they are not on earth to destroy life, because they did not create it. Yes, humans have become intelligent enough to recreate life, in most of its forms. The only reason not in every form is because humans do not know the full recipe of life.


Born Again


I did not ask to be born,
I was created from life’s form.
Brought into a system of man, making profit off of life’s land.
Growing up in a Christian home I was raised to believe in an imaginary “god”, that the system bestowed.
No human can locate their origin, because years living in the system have erased where we come from.
In order to gain fortune of the world and beyond, man has trapped human minds, keeping them on earth and out of the universes eye.
Biology remains the same, always putting religion, and the system to shame.
Now that I know truth there is nothing left to do but exist, not just on earth, but also outside the universe.
There is no proof that “god” exits.
There is proof of life because it allowed me the time to write this.
Life is a part of every living thing.
Life brings existence to all that bow at its knees, never worshiping only being thankful for its reign.
Life requires no riches to succeed, it does it all on its own, even if it doesn’t use me.
All because life is free.

Deadly Food


Christians were right about one thing, don’t eat the pork. The book Leviticus in the bible specifically tells Christians not to eat pork, even though most Christians do not listen.  The condemnation of eating pork by “god” is proven by biological facts. Leviticus 11:7,8 and Deuteronomy 14:8 state “And the swine, because it divides the hoof, and yet does not chew cud, it is unclean unto you; you shall not eat of their flesh, nor touch their dead carcase. This scripture is put to shame by many who follow Christian faith.
A pig will eat anything, including urine, decaying animal flesh, maggots, and decaying vegetables. They will even eat cancerous growths off of other pigs or animals. The meat and fat of pork absorbs toxins, and is 30 times more toxic than venison, or beef. This is because pigs do not perspire. Toxins remain in their bodies because there is no perspiration to excrete them.  Swines and pigs have over a dozen parasites in them, such as worms, flukes, tapeworms, and trichinae.  There is no safe temperature  that pork can be cooked to, to ensure that the parasites, and their eggs, or cysts, can be killed.  Pork carries over 30 diseases that can be transferred to humans.
The swine is so dirty that puss, and filth constantly ooze out its body, but not fast enough so some of it gets in its meat. By eating the meat parasites and toxins are able to get into your body. Christians who say Christ abolished the law condemning the eating of pork, are motivated by their stomach not scripture. The problems with eating pork are biological,  Christ never changed biology’s laws, because they remain the same.
As humans it is natural for us to find life’s thrills, but even according to Christians not at the chance of intentionally expensing our human lives.  In every culture there is taboo thrills, that have a chance of death. Usually cultures consider you less of a man if you do not eat taboo foods.  From pork, hot peppers, fugu fish, and mushrooms, the choice is each individuals of what they eat. However if more people were conscious of their foods origin, would they still eat it?