Worlds Largest and Most Mysterious Bug

Its bigger than the phone.
It has antennas.
Are those feathers?

On the night of Friday January 20, 2012, in Fort Lauderdale, Fl; Mz Danee Miami, King Era, and Chef Gaban Wheeler, were getting in the truck for an outing. Mz Danee Miami says, “look what is that on the hood of the truck”? They all began to look at the creature on the hood in amazement, not believing thier eyes. King Era said, “what is it”? They decided it was something that no one had ever seen before. Mz Danee Miami gave the idea to keep it. So King Era, and Chef Gaban, got the unknown creature into a container. Due to the science lab being closed until monday, the three decided to not hold this marking in history until then. They have discovered a new creature. It is part bird, and part insect. The pictures have no justice on the beauty of the creature in person. History has made its mark with the largest bug, or insect. The proof is shown as it lays next to a cell phone.


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