Water is a chemical that can be present in liquid, gas, or solid, states. Water is present on 70% of the earth, and in the human body. All life requires water for existence. Knowing this how can we as people neglect and harm water.
    Many people today think its ok to drink anything but water. Some people even believe they can have proper  sanitization without water. These careless practices can be  harmful, or even suicidal overtime.
     One billion peole in the world do not have acces to safe drinking water. About three billion people do not have acess to safe sanitation. Water is becoming scarce. Scientist believe by the year 2030, 50% of water needed on earth will not be available for life. It seems humans with acess to water are wasting it.
     It is time for humans to respect water as the earth does. Water has helped create life as we know it. It is the only chemical that can not be cloned, or DNA copied. People need to use water when it is necessary, and not pollute thier acess water. It is sad to see what is needed for life being wasted, especially when water can not be replaced.


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