Today’s Slave

In 1712 slavery took a strong hold on the U.S. because of a man named Willie Lynch. His name became so popular that it even became a method of murder for slaves called lynching.
Lynch was a British slave owner invited to Virginia’s James River to do an informative speech. Lynch’s speech was made to inform slave owners of how to control their slaves for at least 300 years.
Lynch used fear, distrust, and envy, to control slaves in his methods. Categorizing them by age, sex, hair texture, size, color, intelligence,plantation size, and attitude of their owner. Lynch’s method ensured refueling, and self-generating, of slaves taught this doctrine for 1,000’s of years to come. Lynch’s doctrine forced slaves to respect, trust, depend on, and love their masters. It pitched man vs woman, young vs old, and light-skinned vs dark-skinned. It also made white servants and overseers distrust blacks.
Keep the body and break the mind is what Lynch stated. Just like horses the black slave was tied and broken for control. “Beat the black man almost to death in front of his woman, and children, to instill the fear of god in them” said Lynch. By beating fear into black slaves, the men and women would teach the fear to their offspring. By beating slaves into submission, masters could keep their profit, and increase control to bread more “controlled slaves”. Women taught there sons to be weak-minded, so they wouldn’t be beat, and strong to work hard. Women taught their daughters to be the opposite. This placed the strong-minded black woman in front of a weak-minded black man. They even split up families to keep fear present among slaves. This is what gave the masters, “sound sleep and economics,” Lynch made it so woman would break children in from birth for their masters.
Lynch’s doctrine forced slaves to forget their native languages, and learn their master’s. This was a way of keeping the slave dumb, making the slave dependent on the master to learn, not able to find knowledge themselves.
Years have passed since Lynch’s doctrine has been instated in our culture. It’s sad to say though that his doctrine is still present. The only thing that has changed is the means of control. Anyone can see from the news police brutality only happens in poverty stricken areas. Police now beat fear into people, instead of a slave master. However, education, welfare, and religion are now the key to control, through the government. The longer people are kept dependent and dumb, the more envy, fear, and distrust they have. People are now forced into slavery by economical means and intelligence. This is why there are more churches, drugs, and liquor stores in poverty stricken communities than rich. It forces people to be dependent on a “god” for life answers, rather than people finding life’s truths themselves. The liquor store, and drugs, are made more available easily to kill people off and keep them dependent on a fix. It also makes our government, and police, plenty of money, by allowing it into our country. With these hand in hand why look anywhere else for anything. The truth is there are other ways to solve problems without “god” or substance abuse. Without a human desire for the truth of knowledge, individuals become enslaved and confined by masses to what man says, and not the truth.


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