Leaders 4 Life

You hate to see me, and I love to see you.
You always challenge me, regardless of what I do.
I am love, and your resistance is much obliged.
Presenting me with resilience that can not survive.
You make me perservire the more you stay hypnotized by sucess of the truth in my life.
Regardless of what you do my joy overflows in my soul constantly.
My mindfullness baphels you into idiocracy.
Not to mention I am fine, and my family is devine.
By living in all truth even my faults are right.
I work well with others towards a common goal.
When someone makes a mistake I motivate them to try again.
What I say about my peers is stated to their faces.
Only haters talk about someone behind their back.
Envy is not the drive of my passion, it is fueled by life and a choice to live.
By guiding others toward a common goal, and teaching by example, you are a leader.
I lead and you follow.
Choosing life gives energy that can not be contained for survival.
Hating life causes you to spend time figuring out how to die,rather than living every moment to its fullest. Don’t worry leaders only stay in position when they can follow. If you don’t want to be a leader don’t take the positiin.
A false leader can easily be replaced by one of his followers.


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