Suicide For The Living

The dictionary defines deliberately killing yourself as a suicide. According to the Center for Disease Control, in the world today suicide is the 5th leading cause of death in males, and the 7th in females. White males between the ages of 35-55 are at the highest rate for suicide. Children are even committing suicide beginning at the age of ten. These facts do not make suicide any easier to handle for the committer or their loved ones.
People today do not seem to realize suicide does not have to be instant, it can happen over time. Doing something against our best interests, is also suicide. There are two types of suicide, it can be intentional instantly, or just over time. Some people end their lives with instant death; this way there is no pain or suffering. Then there are others who slowly take themselves out on a daily repetition that is rationed. Either way both say a person has given up on life.
One thing I learned that is very important is that it is never your fault if someone commits suicide. Every person has the free will to live. One million people commit suicide in the world every year. Their ages are no question of why they did. We all would save the world if we could. However when it is someone’s will to go, you can do everything possible, but still not be able to save the person’s life. Life is hard, but it’s up to each individual to find a fight through it or give up. Either way it keeps going on. A group of people can watch a movie but they all will not react to it in the same way. Suicide is a reaction to the play of life. No two people react to life the same.
I lost someone very close to me to suicide. I must say it changed my life. It gave me a will to live on. That there death was not in vein but it was to help others fight for the living. I did everything to stop this suicide, however I lost. People think suicide is giving up. I believe its fighting hard. It’s going into the unknown to battle all the lies the earth is being told. Suicide is an escape for people who cannot deal with the world that is so fake. Most people who commit suicide are looking for peace. Only they know what they feel. There is no judge for them; no one can say they are wrong. If you had their life would you hold on?
I wrote this blog to make people who have lost loved ones to suicide understand. No matter how much we loved them it is not our fault we could not keep them here. Nor should we be ashamed, of smearing our loved one’s name to unfaze. Everyone’s view on suicide depends on their race and culture. Most religions view it as evil. Suicide is truth, and in truth there is life. Remember “God “sent “Lucifer” to be an adversary. Without bad there is no good. People have a tendency to view anything they do not understand as crazy. Suicide brings a whole new persona to death. People kill innocent people every day, for stupid reasons, and things to say. They are considered gold compared to the suicide victim that only kills their own soul. This blog was meant to show that suicide is not just for crazy people. It is for the totally sane, that live in a world that traps them in times domain.


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