My Mind

It took 30 years for me to see what the truth of life really is.
Every life force has an adversary.
Resistance presses evolution to change.
The ashes of lifes burning pains are washed away by the rain.
I can google fake lies, or read books truthly wrote.
Religion is used by man to make human’s blind.
Religion has so many contradictions, making people dependent on another force.
Humans have lost their pride.
These days what a human is worth values more to people.
Control of the universe through endless power is what most people want.
What better way to do it than to use the Willie Lynch syndrome.
Science has exposed what religion pushes under the rug.
Time waits for no man.
You can play on the earth’s stage, or sit in the audience and watch its show.
Truth is, and truth can not be changed, but fact is always altered by life’s ciphor.
As I stand at the universes edge, I am not scared to leap.
You see my “God” is so awesome he made the milky way and billions of other galaxies for all life forms.
What is unknown generates growth in life by being learned.
So if I leap into universal time I accept the magnitude of “God’s” opnipotent power, that extends outside the earth.
So why stay in a worldly bubble, to be programmed and passed over.
All it takes is mindfulness compassion to be, but its your free will not to be.
Accept you and challenge the world.
Life is given for free, you were born to survive, but it is up to you how you live your life


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