Stronger Than Society

Life is what you make it. In oder to live life to its fullest potential there are a few things you must do. Be mindfull of every moment through compassion and self awareness. Accept who you are and what everything else is in all truth. Finally you must dare to be resistant to the norms of society. Stand for truth in all its forms. Only 55% of the world knows that the sun is a star. This fact alone tells us how much truth the world really knows. Funny but doesn’t everyone learn about stars and the billions of galaxies in school. These three steps are profound in living life free and to its fullest as it was meant to be. It all begins with making yourself aware of every moment. The earth is no longer flat, you can’t fall off its edge. There are also more than nine planets in our solar system. These were truths until people became mindfull to the truth. Do to evolution facts can be true statements, but they are always subject to change.
Every individuals behavior has an impact on society. People that are unmindfull cause chaos. They harm people they love without realizing the consequenses of their actions. However, mindfull individuals are aware of their environment and the people around them. Mindfull people live life on a path through love, peace, and selflessness. This is also known as living the buddhist way.
Our schools, government, and religions, produce an environment that is contrary to mindfullness. They teach people if they are miserable today, happiness will come in the future. This dependence on hope is based on a lie that becomes very destructive. Everyone is born with their own personality to be who they are, and do as they please. Human environments and teaching’s change people from being mindfull, to doing what they are taught so they do not get into trouble. This environment does not allow the brain to intergrate and process information it encounters. It leaves peoples neutral circuits tangled in data that was forced and not internally chosen. Doing what is taught is ok if what is taught is true. However, being mindfully aware is better because it makes you want to learn and seek what is not taught, just because someone is making you. You become aware of what truly exists inside the earth and beyond. Mindfullness is a free will choice, it it can not be forced upon anyone. Mindfullness must be obtained individually.
According to buddhist monk Thich Naht Hahn, by existing in the moment one can achieve tranquility, and confront their darkest fears tapping into their self healing powers. Mindfullness identifies fears and brings them to the surface to release them. Thus, allowing the individual to acknowledge to seek within to uncover the underlying causes of their negative feelings. Once the cause has been realized the feelings may be extracted.
Meditation is one way to help people become more mindfull. By being concious of your breathing while doing daily activities you can develope a heightened state of mindfullness. The essence of medittion is to sit quietly in a place where there are no distractions. Most people can not do this because it forces them to be aware of themselves, and thier fears. So instead they stay busy doing many activities so they do not have to deal with themselves. The mind needs an environment free of pressure, and time set aside for peaceful reflection.
Meditation can be done in many ways. Cooking and cleaning can be done in meditation. To start off try doing one thing at a time, slow down doing things, or even do less than usual and pace your daily activities. Start off daily taking five minutes in silence, being aware of your thoughts, just realizing you are alive and breathing. Stop worrying about the future and focus on the present. This will help you achieve your goals and not hope they can be done. When someone is talking, listen and be mentally present. Most people talk thinking about what there going to do next. When you speak be aware of what you say and listen to. Eat slowly and chew and savor your food. Live slowly and savor every moment of your life. Being thankful acknowledges what you have in every moment. That way you know what to do next to be where you want to be in life. Every moment is different and can not be repeated. Apreciation of life shows people how to live internal, external, and eternal in nirvana.


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