Religion Did Not Create Life

How can God bless you with money when he is supposed to be free?
Before money God did not cost a thing.
Pastors who tell people we must tithe to, to be “blessed”, live in mansions, while thier congregations, strive in poverty and stress.
These pastors drive expensive cars, while their congragations take the bus.
Is it true that the same God that these Pastors serve tells us to not loose our soul in the worlds riches and gold.
But when “blessed” the God in us will make us “so fly, and so fresh”.
Life was given because it evolved.
Life existed before humans or animals.
So how is it that free will can cost anything.
Whether you pay for it or not life will always strive to survive, live and die.
Truth is, and truth can never lie, facts change because of life’s ciphor.
Never go by what people say.
“Seek, knock, and find” , and you will see how the bling of money makes religion shine.
It is all money, power, and control, who ever has the most respect thinks they will grow old.
By accepting another force for power you totally deny yourself.
Not realizing that you were born into God, brings you closer to death.
You must accept who you are in order to live happy after all. Knowing this is wonderful, living it minndfully in truth can give a person pure nirvana, as a munk would say.
The choice is each individuals, how big is your creator…….are there not billions of galaxies and some like ours…..
There are now more just 9 planets in our solar system….
You can not fall off the earth’s edge….and whose to say if you jump at the edge of the universe your dead.
Life dies and gives birth.
Surviving is not enough accepting your survival makes living it a plus…


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