Mise En Place 2

The only 3 styles of slip proof shoes you were able to buy when I first started cooking were, boots, dress shoes, and sneakers. Now there are slip proof shoes available at most local shoe stores for a minimum purchase of $25 to $39.99. Times are constantly changing in the food industry . More people are begining to cook as a career. Females are now begining to be more present “on the line”. Male workers are being challenged in the workforce by female workers, in the food industry they once dominated.
Quality cooking was changed over to food service in the middle of the 18 th century. During this time food was run by guilds. Licenses were obtained to be able to prepare specific items. In order to serve guests, ond had to buy items from the menu of these licensed operators, called guilds. Guests had no choices, and ate what they were given. In today’s age we could not imagine such a thing, because there are so many choices of what a person can eat or cook at anytime.
The chance for choices began in 1765, with a Parisian named Boulanger, who started it all selling soup out of his shop. Starting the first restaurant, Boulanger upset the guilds so that they took him to court. Boulanger won his case changing food service history by making it possible for people to not just have to buy food from the guilds.
By 1789 with the end of the French Revolution chefs were forced to open restaurants for employment. The revolution ended social monarchy, many chefs could not cook for nobilty, and were out of work. These chefs created their own jobs, and in ten years went from 50-500 independent restaurants.
Chefs had it good and basically did their own things food was made professional, transformed from home cooking. Chef Careme emphasized procedure and order in the 18th century. Careme added seasoning and other ingredients to highlight the flavors of the main ingredients in his dishes. Careme’s sauces enhanced foods flavor. Careme was so nice that even when changing classic recipies , he would say why he was doing so.
All of these chefs were just a few of the outlaws that paved the way for the culinary woorld today. They all had the creativity of bringing art to food. Each chef opened doors for society to share cultural cuisines and cooking styles. In order for change to occur laws must be broken. By breaking the law in a positive manner life is able to evolve. This is because there are no laws in the evolution of life. Life changes on its own free will.


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