Nigga Please


Does anybody know what a nigga is?
People use this word so much,
they got me saying it.
Yeah I’ve been run off the side of the road,
by a white man in a pickup;
that was more of a punk than bold.
All I could do was move
as he yelled “move out the way nigger”.
Realizing  I was on the side of the road.
I have even been told by an old white woman,
making her way down the street,
“move out the way nigger”;
so she could slowly walk past me.
That word was made to enslave
for thousands of years,
in the evolution of the human races fears.
No one is just black or white,
races have intertwined.
Now we as a human nation must fight.
So when I’m at work and I see,
two boys that look white, but are part spanish say in spite; “yeah nigga”,
I’m in disbelief.
Blood, sweat, and tears, fought for respect for years,
over nigga,
a word changed from a doctrine that still remains the same,
Willie Lynch informed us that his doctrine would work for slaves and their kids to come.
We are the kids of those slaves that’s why this word is broad,
because we are enslaved not lost, freedom is our choice.
The truth lays beyond the stars,
and must be seeks not just searched.
So the next time you hear “nigga”
know it’s surely true,
the word described people enslaved, in distrust, envy, and fear.
Now the word nigga has been made a mockery by the human race explaining their rage.
All races are now seeking for their ownership.
A broken in horse can escape.


Worlds Largest and Most Mysterious Bug


Its bigger than the phone.


It has antennas.


Are those feathers?

On the night of Friday January 20, 2012, in Fort Lauderdale, Fl; Mz Danee Miami, King Era, and Chef Gaban Wheeler, were getting in the truck for an outing. Mz Danee Miami says, “look what is that on the hood of the truck”? They all began to look at the creature on the hood in amazement, not believing thier eyes. King Era said, “what is it”? They decided it was something that no one had ever seen before. Mz Danee Miami gave the idea to keep it. So King Era, and Chef Gaban, got the unknown creature into a container. Due to the science lab being closed until monday, the three decided to not hold this marking in history until then. They have discovered a new creature. It is part bird, and part insect. The pictures have no justice on the beauty of the creature in person. History has made its mark with the largest bug, or insect. The proof is shown as it lays next to a cell phone.


     Water is a chemical that can be present in liquid, gas, or solid, states. Water is present on 70% of the earth, and in the human body. All life requires water for existence. Knowing this how can we as people neglect and harm water.
    Many people today think its ok to drink anything but water. Some people even believe they can have proper  sanitization without water. These careless practices can be  harmful, or even suicidal overtime.
     One billion peole in the world do not have acces to safe drinking water. About three billion people do not have acess to safe sanitation. Water is becoming scarce. Scientist believe by the year 2030, 50% of water needed on earth will not be available for life. It seems humans with acess to water are wasting it.
     It is time for humans to respect water as the earth does. Water has helped create life as we know it. It is the only chemical that can not be cloned, or DNA copied. People need to use water when it is necessary, and not pollute thier acess water. It is sad to see what is needed for life being wasted, especially when water can not be replaced.

Today’s Slave

In 1712 slavery took a strong hold on the U.S. because of a man named Willie Lynch. His name became so popular that it even became a method of murder for slaves called lynching.
Lynch was a British slave owner invited to Virginia’s James River to do an informative speech. Lynch’s speech was made to inform slave owners of how to control their slaves for at least 300 years.
Lynch used fear, distrust, and envy, to control slaves in his methods. Categorizing them by age, sex, hair texture, size, color, intelligence,plantation size, and attitude of their owner. Lynch’s method ensured refueling, and self-generating, of slaves taught this doctrine for 1,000’s of years to come. Lynch’s doctrine forced slaves to respect, trust, depend on, and love their masters. It pitched man vs woman, young vs old, and light-skinned vs dark-skinned. It also made white servants and overseers distrust blacks.
Keep the body and break the mind is what Lynch stated. Just like horses the black slave was tied and broken for control. “Beat the black man almost to death in front of his woman, and children, to instill the fear of god in them” said Lynch. By beating fear into black slaves, the men and women would teach the fear to their offspring. By beating slaves into submission, masters could keep their profit, and increase control to bread more “controlled slaves”. Women taught there sons to be weak-minded, so they wouldn’t be beat, and strong to work hard. Women taught their daughters to be the opposite. This placed the strong-minded black woman in front of a weak-minded black man. They even split up families to keep fear present among slaves. This is what gave the masters, “sound sleep and economics,” Lynch made it so woman would break children in from birth for their masters.
Lynch’s doctrine forced slaves to forget their native languages, and learn their master’s. This was a way of keeping the slave dumb, making the slave dependent on the master to learn, not able to find knowledge themselves.
Years have passed since Lynch’s doctrine has been instated in our culture. It’s sad to say though that his doctrine is still present. The only thing that has changed is the means of control. Anyone can see from the news police brutality only happens in poverty stricken areas. Police now beat fear into people, instead of a slave master. However, education, welfare, and religion are now the key to control, through the government. The longer people are kept dependent and dumb, the more envy, fear, and distrust they have. People are now forced into slavery by economical means and intelligence. This is why there are more churches, drugs, and liquor stores in poverty stricken communities than rich. It forces people to be dependent on a “god” for life answers, rather than people finding life’s truths themselves. The liquor store, and drugs, are made more available easily to kill people off and keep them dependent on a fix. It also makes our government, and police, plenty of money, by allowing it into our country. With these hand in hand why look anywhere else for anything. The truth is there are other ways to solve problems without “god” or substance abuse. Without a human desire for the truth of knowledge, individuals become enslaved and confined by masses to what man says, and not the truth.

Leaders 4 Life

You hate to see me, and I love to see you.
You always challenge me, regardless of what I do.
I am love, and your resistance is much obliged.
Presenting me with resilience that can not survive.
You make me perservire the more you stay hypnotized by sucess of the truth in my life.
Regardless of what you do my joy overflows in my soul constantly.
My mindfullness baphels you into idiocracy.
Not to mention I am fine, and my family is devine.
By living in all truth even my faults are right.
I work well with others towards a common goal.
When someone makes a mistake I motivate them to try again.
What I say about my peers is stated to their faces.
Only haters talk about someone behind their back.
Envy is not the drive of my passion, it is fueled by life and a choice to live.
By guiding others toward a common goal, and teaching by example, you are a leader.
I lead and you follow.
Choosing life gives energy that can not be contained for survival.
Hating life causes you to spend time figuring out how to die,rather than living every moment to its fullest. Don’t worry leaders only stay in position when they can follow. If you don’t want to be a leader don’t take the positiin.
A false leader can easily be replaced by one of his followers.

They Discovered Another Earth

Gliese 581 C is the first planet discovered in the universe with water like earth. The super earth planet is named after its red dwarf sun star about 1/3 the size of the earth’s sun. Gliese 581 C is 5.6 times the earth with 50% water. Found in the Milkyway galaxy, in consellation Libra, this planet is the 87th one closest to the earth’s sun.
Life as we know it is now expanding. People now will be able to take a vacation on Gliese 581 C, or maybe even live there. Humans now have a way to maintain life outside of earth. Lets say there is an alien invasion, or what if the apocalypse begans. Would humans want to take a rocket uhaul to live on Gliese 581 C.
One thing we won’t have to worry about is food. With water present on the planet greenhouses will not be a necessity. People will actually have a chance at living there.
Life as we know it is now not an endangered species.

Suicide For The Living

The dictionary defines deliberately killing yourself as a suicide. According to the Center for Disease Control, in the world today suicide is the 5th leading cause of death in males, and the 7th in females. White males between the ages of 35-55 are at the highest rate for suicide. Children are even committing suicide beginning at the age of ten. These facts do not make suicide any easier to handle for the committer or their loved ones.
People today do not seem to realize suicide does not have to be instant, it can happen over time. Doing something against our best interests, is also suicide. There are two types of suicide, it can be intentional instantly, or just over time. Some people end their lives with instant death; this way there is no pain or suffering. Then there are others who slowly take themselves out on a daily repetition that is rationed. Either way both say a person has given up on life.
One thing I learned that is very important is that it is never your fault if someone commits suicide. Every person has the free will to live. One million people commit suicide in the world every year. Their ages are no question of why they did. We all would save the world if we could. However when it is someone’s will to go, you can do everything possible, but still not be able to save the person’s life. Life is hard, but it’s up to each individual to find a fight through it or give up. Either way it keeps going on. A group of people can watch a movie but they all will not react to it in the same way. Suicide is a reaction to the play of life. No two people react to life the same.
I lost someone very close to me to suicide. I must say it changed my life. It gave me a will to live on. That there death was not in vein but it was to help others fight for the living. I did everything to stop this suicide, however I lost. People think suicide is giving up. I believe its fighting hard. It’s going into the unknown to battle all the lies the earth is being told. Suicide is an escape for people who cannot deal with the world that is so fake. Most people who commit suicide are looking for peace. Only they know what they feel. There is no judge for them; no one can say they are wrong. If you had their life would you hold on?
I wrote this blog to make people who have lost loved ones to suicide understand. No matter how much we loved them it is not our fault we could not keep them here. Nor should we be ashamed, of smearing our loved one’s name to unfaze. Everyone’s view on suicide depends on their race and culture. Most religions view it as evil. Suicide is truth, and in truth there is life. Remember “God “sent “Lucifer” to be an adversary. Without bad there is no good. People have a tendency to view anything they do not understand as crazy. Suicide brings a whole new persona to death. People kill innocent people every day, for stupid reasons, and things to say. They are considered gold compared to the suicide victim that only kills their own soul. This blog was meant to show that suicide is not just for crazy people. It is for the totally sane, that live in a world that traps them in times domain.

My Mind

It took 30 years for me to see what the truth of life really is.
Every life force has an adversary.
Resistance presses evolution to change.
The ashes of lifes burning pains are washed away by the rain.
I can google fake lies, or read books truthly wrote.
Religion is used by man to make human’s blind.
Religion has so many contradictions, making people dependent on another force.
Humans have lost their pride.
These days what a human is worth values more to people.
Control of the universe through endless power is what most people want.
What better way to do it than to use the Willie Lynch syndrome.
Science has exposed what religion pushes under the rug.
Time waits for no man.
You can play on the earth’s stage, or sit in the audience and watch its show.
Truth is, and truth can not be changed, but fact is always altered by life’s ciphor.
As I stand at the universes edge, I am not scared to leap.
You see my “God” is so awesome he made the milky way and billions of other galaxies for all life forms.
What is unknown generates growth in life by being learned.
So if I leap into universal time I accept the magnitude of “God’s” opnipotent power, that extends outside the earth.
So why stay in a worldly bubble, to be programmed and passed over.
All it takes is mindfulness compassion to be, but its your free will not to be.
Accept you and challenge the world.
Life is given for free, you were born to survive, but it is up to you how you live your life

Stronger Than Society

Life is what you make it. In oder to live life to its fullest potential there are a few things you must do. Be mindfull of every moment through compassion and self awareness. Accept who you are and what everything else is in all truth. Finally you must dare to be resistant to the norms of society. Stand for truth in all its forms. Only 55% of the world knows that the sun is a star. This fact alone tells us how much truth the world really knows. Funny but doesn’t everyone learn about stars and the billions of galaxies in school. These three steps are profound in living life free and to its fullest as it was meant to be. It all begins with making yourself aware of every moment. The earth is no longer flat, you can’t fall off its edge. There are also more than nine planets in our solar system. These were truths until people became mindfull to the truth. Do to evolution facts can be true statements, but they are always subject to change.
Every individuals behavior has an impact on society. People that are unmindfull cause chaos. They harm people they love without realizing the consequenses of their actions. However, mindfull individuals are aware of their environment and the people around them. Mindfull people live life on a path through love, peace, and selflessness. This is also known as living the buddhist way.
Our schools, government, and religions, produce an environment that is contrary to mindfullness. They teach people if they are miserable today, happiness will come in the future. This dependence on hope is based on a lie that becomes very destructive. Everyone is born with their own personality to be who they are, and do as they please. Human environments and teaching’s change people from being mindfull, to doing what they are taught so they do not get into trouble. This environment does not allow the brain to intergrate and process information it encounters. It leaves peoples neutral circuits tangled in data that was forced and not internally chosen. Doing what is taught is ok if what is taught is true. However, being mindfully aware is better because it makes you want to learn and seek what is not taught, just because someone is making you. You become aware of what truly exists inside the earth and beyond. Mindfullness is a free will choice, it it can not be forced upon anyone. Mindfullness must be obtained individually.
According to buddhist monk Thich Naht Hahn, by existing in the moment one can achieve tranquility, and confront their darkest fears tapping into their self healing powers. Mindfullness identifies fears and brings them to the surface to release them. Thus, allowing the individual to acknowledge to seek within to uncover the underlying causes of their negative feelings. Once the cause has been realized the feelings may be extracted.
Meditation is one way to help people become more mindfull. By being concious of your breathing while doing daily activities you can develope a heightened state of mindfullness. The essence of medittion is to sit quietly in a place where there are no distractions. Most people can not do this because it forces them to be aware of themselves, and thier fears. So instead they stay busy doing many activities so they do not have to deal with themselves. The mind needs an environment free of pressure, and time set aside for peaceful reflection.
Meditation can be done in many ways. Cooking and cleaning can be done in meditation. To start off try doing one thing at a time, slow down doing things, or even do less than usual and pace your daily activities. Start off daily taking five minutes in silence, being aware of your thoughts, just realizing you are alive and breathing. Stop worrying about the future and focus on the present. This will help you achieve your goals and not hope they can be done. When someone is talking, listen and be mentally present. Most people talk thinking about what there going to do next. When you speak be aware of what you say and listen to. Eat slowly and chew and savor your food. Live slowly and savor every moment of your life. Being thankful acknowledges what you have in every moment. That way you know what to do next to be where you want to be in life. Every moment is different and can not be repeated. Apreciation of life shows people how to live internal, external, and eternal in nirvana.

Religion Did Not Create Life

How can God bless you with money when he is supposed to be free?
Before money God did not cost a thing.
Pastors who tell people we must tithe to, to be “blessed”, live in mansions, while thier congregations, strive in poverty and stress.
These pastors drive expensive cars, while their congragations take the bus.
Is it true that the same God that these Pastors serve tells us to not loose our soul in the worlds riches and gold.
But when “blessed” the God in us will make us “so fly, and so fresh”.
Life was given because it evolved.
Life existed before humans or animals.
So how is it that free will can cost anything.
Whether you pay for it or not life will always strive to survive, live and die.
Truth is, and truth can never lie, facts change because of life’s ciphor.
Never go by what people say.
“Seek, knock, and find” , and you will see how the bling of money makes religion shine.
It is all money, power, and control, who ever has the most respect thinks they will grow old.
By accepting another force for power you totally deny yourself.
Not realizing that you were born into God, brings you closer to death.
You must accept who you are in order to live happy after all. Knowing this is wonderful, living it minndfully in truth can give a person pure nirvana, as a munk would say.
The choice is each individuals, how big is your creator…….are there not billions of galaxies and some like ours…..
There are now more just 9 planets in our solar system….
You can not fall off the earth’s edge….and whose to say if you jump at the edge of the universe your dead.
Life dies and gives birth.
Surviving is not enough accepting your survival makes living it a plus…