Religion at its best

One beautiful saturday afternoon at lunch with my wife, we sat outside on some picnic tables, enjoying quality time. As we enjoyed our meal and the scenery with fresh air, a man came by with something to say. As he walked up to us he stated,”do you know Jesus Christ is coming back?” The man looked confused and brain washed. There was no confidence in his statement, all I saw was his own fear. Spending quality time with my wife made me unable to fall into a truthful religous discussion with this man. I replied to him, that I did not believe in what he was telling me, and did not choose to. This offended the man I could tell by his face. The man then said,” God will accept you.” I laughed because this man did not understand the Creator I believe in accepts all life for what it is and chooses to be.
I then replied to him that he needed to get out of my face, and I did not want to hear what he had to say. I was straight forward in a polite way. The only reason why the man came to prophecy to me and my wife is because we are gay. After my response he looked angry and kept talking saying” Jesus is lord and he can save you,” and after a few more words he turned and walked away forced by me stating that ” christians should be polite, and I asked you to leave us alone, you are being rude.” The man then turned away upset and angry. I continued and had a beautiful lunch with my wife. I understand people wanting to share thier beliefs, that is ok. However, no matter what your belief system you can not force it on people. To persuade someone to join your value system of beliefs, you must make them believe what you say. I can not be persuaded easily by religion, because I know thier true origins. Religion was made by man, for contol, wealth, and power. I do love to discuss the difference in lies and truth, but not to people who are rude. Conversation can go a long way, but you must listen as well as speak, when conversing. This man just wanted to speak and not listen. So how could his god accept me when, he could not even respeect what I was saying. Its ok to have a point of view, but you can not scare people to agree. The sad part is most religions scare people into believing they need someone to suceed. Each person was born with life able to exist and transform into whatever they like. The truth is that as a man thinketh therefore he is. If you accept yourself there is no limit for who you choose to be. Life is what you make it. Thrity seven million peolple are in poverty in the world. These people are forced out of living in truth by their environments, however because of free will they have a chance to live life in all its honest beauty. According to a Gallup survey in over 100 countries, the more poverty a country is, the more religous people that country contains. Poverty supports religion. The only way to a rich life is by accepting and searching to live in all truth. Otherwise you may be robbed by man’s religon of your wealth, tithed or given for man’s gain.


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