Born into evolution,
there is no space for time.
Death is constantly tapping at my spine.
Caught in the circle of life
you become dependent on its growth.
Until you realize you are the purpose of its show.
As you play on the worlds stage
your heart pulsates with fate.
Realising how you choose your fate is an illusion of your brain, depicted in your body, your soul becomes reborn.
Once you replace time with the matter in your space, your kharma comes to you.
The true meaning of rapture can not be contained or bound. Rapture absorbs its environment and wears it like a crown.
Gathering together all energy for a selective purpose,
representing the circle of life.
Rapture catches individualy depending on belief instead of capability.
Evolution is created by free will of men, and determines their death.
Energy transforms because life evolves whether raptured or not.
They will tell you you need help but honestly you do not.
You were born well equipt with the chosen water essential for life existence.
You do not need someone to accept you to survive.
One must only accept their self to exist in life.
Concecrated by life at births free will to control our own destiny, and harnessed through love beause of life’s expectancy, through the loss in deaths contraversy.
So when your pushed to the edge of the universe, keep going and discover, life keeps maturing.
You can not fall off the edge of the universe.


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