Unknown To 90%

I am a new breed of human existance
living for the human race.
Born to create heart times seven,
with enough chakra to move the earth.
Because I exist beyond the universe,
I am unknown to mankind.
My breed exists in all truth, challenged by 90% and only 2% join my side.
All because being instanty gratified kills the atmosphere burying the truth in its trash.
Selling life until it dies,
fighting itself for emotiomal ties.
Truth knows all things and constantly evolves.
My peculiar nation saves us of all harm enlightened by attractions law,
I bring the human race what was stollen from its God.
Amazing truth is created to bring life to exist in all forms
Even though man trys to duplicate life
its missing the main ingredient.
The living water only evolves it can not be created.
I am the empire that always stands because we live for life and not the money God of man.Who am I you still ask.
I am mindfully thankful for all life created even outside our universe.
Man will continue to explore and seek the recipie to create its own lliving water.
Because it is essential to all life man makes a fortune of it.
As I stand at the edge of the universe knowing i won’t fall off,
I radiate my energy exploring the unknown.
The unknow is who I am, because its where I started.
Free I am because I am unknown.


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