Respect Us!

I am somebody, and I am real. I breath air, and sleep at will. I nourish my body to survive, and require love to stimulate my mind. All of these things make me human, so why am I not respected as one.

Me and my wife work, and my son goes to school. We spend time as a family, having fun and learning life’s evolution. We take family vacations, and heal eachother’s wounds.Yet my family is looked upon as shrude.

For years our ancestors have been raped, beaten, and killed. All to survive and be accepted in society, at their free will. Blood, sweat, and tears, all for the cause of being who they are, which is human just like the rest of the world.

People will be people, some real and some fake. It is ok to be confused, but not ok to cause damage purposely inraged. Discrimination is against all LGBT and queer at hand. So why discriminate eachother together we should stand.

Our own community is against eachother because of labels and pride. But we fail to realize if we join together and accept eachother we will have a stronger fight. The struggle is still on. Even if you love the same sex, you can’t marry unless you go to New York, or some other country out of the U.S.. So we our fighting the wrong people for our love to be expressed.

This blog is for my LGBT families, who know true love, and still express it toward eachother no matter who cares. We will open doors, and one day be free. So our kids don’t have to marry based on society.


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