Mise En Place

There is an old french saying, that there is a place for everything and everything should be put into its place. Many chefs today refer to this as mise en place. This organization of cooking makes sure that any cook is well prepared to serve their guests. Mise en place works so well in any preperation that it can be applied to everyday life.

Could you imagine how easy life would be if everything was put in its rightful place. Not only would it save time, but it would also save energy spent on unnecessary pressures. There would be more smiles and fun in peoples lives. Stress would be at normal human levels.

There is a buddhist philosophy that practice makes perfect. All you have to do is try. Maybe you are a passive person who needs to assert yourself more. You could also be at a point of change in your life in which your showing people who you really are, and accepting yourself. You could also just be a person that  works to much, and needs more time for your friends and family. Mise en place is a helpful way to achieve any goal you set in your life.

All it takes is one simple thing, just try, and try again until it becomes a healthy daily habit for you to do what needs to be done, and on time. Write yourself a list for your recipie you need to make. Your recipie would be any problem you need to solve. By writing down what is needed to complete each task you can check off your ingredients, as you collect them to make your dish. Once you have all your ingredients and supplies, follow instructions. There are rules to everyday life that sometimes must be followed. When there is no substitute don’t look for one.Before you know it you have made your recipie, or completed your task.

The more you mise en place in everyday life you will find it easy to do on a daily basis. Your life becomes as organized as a five star kitchen. You will become well known for the life you have created with everything in order in its rightful place. Paparazzi may even come and snap a picture of you.


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