A Woman in Mens Bathroom

So I decided to have a day off family fun. I took my wife and son to an amusement park for the day. After a few hours of video games, bumper cars and boats, a restroom break was needed.

My wife went in ahead of me, because I was still playing a game. As my wife walked out the restroom, I walked in. When I was finished and washing my hands, in walked a woman with a disgusted look on her face, staring at me. I watched as she stepped back to read the sign on the door, to make sure she had the right bathroom. Realizing she did she became scared of what I was, and never used the restroom. She walked away disgusted.

I must say I was offended. I just recently cut my hair short, yes I am muscular built, wear men’s clothes, and I have a natural goatie. With this new hair cut, unlike my long dreds I had, I look obviously more manly. This woman thought I was a man.

Due to this interaction I now use the mens restroom in public. Men do not care that I do. It also makes me more comfotable knowing i’m not scaring people when I use the restroom. Besides I am sure I am not the only, woman that uses the mens room, or vice versa.


3 Replies to “A Woman in Mens Bathroom”

    1. It is natural human instinct to piss other people off. However, two wrongs do not make a right. No matteer which bathroom any human chooses to use, people have to understand that every human has use the restroom. I say use it and be proud to use it just the way you are. People have to realize you can not please everyone.

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