Why Quit?

Over the years I have partied grander than a rock star. Life as I know it has been placed on a back burner, and covered up by addiction. I have used addiction to hide true pains of reality until her. The true pure love I have recieved from my wife has made me want to accept reality so I can give it to her in return.

Her love has showed me just how wonderfully made I am. I now accept myself as the transgender female I am. Now that I am ready to live life to its fullest, there are a few things I must get out of my way. Because of mind over matter my life has begun a new today.

It seemed so hard until I relalized the advantages of acknowledging my pains so I can heal the scars.

No more lying to myself about who I really am. No more worrying about the lies in the religions of man. I now forgive for the pains others have caused. I have started a journey to embark upon the life I have instore. As I look into my son and wife’s eyes they can now see truth. Standing as a woman of my word, I accept what to do. I am thankful for their love. So in exchange, I am happy to leave the things alone that have made me insane. I now exist even outside of this universe. Nicotine has no power over me.


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