Accept Yourself

Growing up as a female never depicted who I am. I know I was made a woman but I felt more like a man. I was always more masculine in mind and body than most woman. I could always do things men do and even better than most. As time passed on I struggled with the truth. Religion, life’s pains, and addiction, made me hide from myself. Acceptance was hard to find. This was only because I look for acceptance of myself everywhere but inside.

Now that I older I got tired of the lies. Especially lying to myself, because I only know who I am inside. People may look at me strange. However, I now know its only because they are scared of who they portray to others.

You see I am no different from any other human. I just live my life the way I want and am not stubborn. Just because I break societies rules, does not make me insane, or cruel. It actually means I love life more and am happy to see what it has in store. By being myself I have a piece of mind. I now live in piece because I accept my design. Transgender is not a sickness or disease. It is accepting reality and making that 90% you no longer are bow to atease. Do not let anyone tell you who you are. It will only make you lie to yourself until you are no longer alive.


2 Replies to “Accept Yourself”

  1. The last two lines of this are completely profoundly true.

    Kudos to you for being you in a world which wishes you to be other, and thank you for sharing your story and yourself that others of us who are trans might know we aren’t alone.

    1. No we are not alone. I just believe people trap who they really are inside to make society happy. It is time for us as a community to show who we really are. We are human just like everyone else in the world. Just because we are different does not mean we are bad people.

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