In the mist of black matter
with the spec of an eye
the elements created existance
that can never die.
As life expanded
evolution took place
elements became immortal
and constantly in a race
for time and space.

Continually creating matter to nourish and regenerate.
Never wasting anything
because life is essential.
This bangs tranformation
could not be born in vein.
Because of its Creator life
was meant to rein above all matter far and beyond.
Making lifes essential growth to eat solids
drink liquiid
and absorb the gases of masses.
To be bold and seek challenges
always tasting something new.
Not realizing water is the essence of all things
it can not be cloned or created.

Everything else has been transformed
metamorphiszed into recipies created in origin.
Its ingredients only become more powerful as the food fights for life.
All part of one chain that is constantly endangered for its fame.
Someone loved life so much
that they kept a secret until its belly was full.
One day its gonna bust and the only survival allowed will be in the nutrients of lifes dust.


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