Free Will…Life or Death

Chef Gusto says that anyone can cook in the movie Ratatouille. The movie proves this theory with a little rat, who is a genious chef, and loves to cook award winning Chef Gusto’s recipes.  This rat prepares a five star soup, and everyone thinks a young man made it instead.  According to the movie a rat can even teach a human to cook. The rat ends up living in the young mans chef hat telling how to cook, as he cooks meals in Chef Gusto’s Paris restaurant.  I do not know which part is greater, a rat cooking, or a rat teaching to cook.

What it all boils down to is free will.  Everyone has a choice in life to do as they please. In doing what you please you either live for life, or live  through life. People do not realize that once this choice is made, it will determine how you live your life until its end. It will cause you to always live and do your best, or it may cause you to commit suicide and give up.

This young man in the movie could have given up, and not let the rat teach him to cook. However, he did not because of his passion for life. This rat ended up making the young man famous when all he wanted was a job. The young man became owner of the restaurant, because of the rat.  Free will goes a long way. If you do not live to help life on its good side. Trust and believe as life evolves its adversary will eventually, move you out the way. Life works with its adversary for the purpose of evolution.

When Chef Gusto said anyone can cook, he should have said anyone can live, if they want to. Some people would say, as a man thinketh therefore he is.  Life does not discriminate against the living, because it is a part of life.  No matter what kind of race, religion, class, plant, or creature, one is, the rules of life remain the same. 

In Ratatouille the rules were the same for the rat and the young man. They both wanted to live and they let nothing get in there way. They helped eachother out and both got what they wanted.
Once you make up your mind to live, it happens because where there is a will there is a way. As long as you want life in your heart, because of the laws of attraction, life will call itself to you. Then its your job to make life do what you want it to do. You have the power over your life. Will you live, or live for life.


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