New Things

Its always a life opening experience to try something knew. It gives you more knowledge and more fun things to do. No matter if it is a person, place, or thing, finding out about it can bring good things.

The other day at work I had a customer ask me if sour cream tastes good. She was having a quesadilla and her friend was egging her on to try something new. She said she never had sour cream before. This was strange to me, I thought everyone ate or at least knew about sour cream. I was unfair to judge. It was true this young woman realy had no clue. I told her just at least taste it, give it a try if you do not like it you do not have to eat it again. She took my advice, and now returns frequently with a smile for sour cream with her quesadila.
This woman took a chance and it expanded her mind. By me not judging her, I was able to help her discover sour cream.
The next time you eat try somthing new. Being adventurous makes life fun. Do not be afraid, you may like it, Try and if you don’t like it you do not have to eat it again. Do not miss out on the joy of life, out of fear.


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