My mind yearns for you daily. You feel so good to my body.
When I do not have you I get very angry.
You see I have become dependent on you to ease my pain.
Instead of pulling out the roots that make me insane.
The passion I have built for you is fake.
I see how much of my life you have taken away.
My body is wearing down.
My heart is so sad its making my blood frown.
You have effected my life in more ways than one.
So today I vow that a life with you is no fun.
Its dark and dreary, lonesome and fearless.
The endless sacrafices for you have made me living life more than overdue.
I have let you lead me astray, until this day where you no longer can stay.
I have made up my mind that you are surely a waste of time.
So here is what im gonna do.
Start a new life that does not contain you.
Im putting on armor and have a sword and sheild, I even have some helpers that will fight on my battlefield.
Im sending you back to hell. with every other life threatening veil.
Never to see you again.
Washing my pain with life’s pure essence.
Now that I am whole, I will tell the world to stay away from you, because your truths are untold.
This task is hard but the hours at hand, because I realize I never needed you to begin.
Who are you people wil ask.
You are every addiction that takes over life, and makes it end fast.


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