Fast Food Made Whole

When I was a child, sitting at the table to eat was a time for people to join together and share. Twenty five years ago before the internet and cell phones, people valued spending physical time together. Now a days, the big deal is getting your food fast.
Technology has taken the place, of actually having to spend time with people. Time is now of the essence. The question is how to make good tasting, healthy food, fast. People want to eat good, they just do not have the time to cook. There is time to cook tho, its all in what you eat, not how fast its made.

For example in the store, a pack of ground beef cost $5 bucks. From the pack you get to make 4-6 burgers. Add buns and fries, or potatoes and a drink, then the ten dollars you would have spent at a fast food place, would be a waste. You would even have change left, to buy lettuce, tomato, or cheese. Fast food seems cheap and fast, but its really unhealthy and expensive in the long run. By shoping in a supermarket not only do you save money, but you get quality, and quantity. Not to mention the love embraced In knowing someone cared enough, to take the time to make you something special.
Now I am not bashing fast food, or eating out. It is a special priveledge, for someone to make you a 14 minute meal, in just 3 minutes. I just feel that, people are not as sociable these days, as they used to be. Natural human emotion is being replaced by tecnology, which is taking the essence of life from food. At the table is wear people meet to get fed. Food alerts peoples memory in all their senses. So why not make healthy memories. Start slowly, tell yourself you will eat at someons table once a week, or month. Maybe even cook a meal, once a week, or month. Try adding extra times every week, or month, until it becomes a consistent healthy lifestyle for you. It would not hurt to draw in your friends, children, or mates, to join in with you, for support of the new you.

Just watch the difference in how your body feels and looks whole, healthy, and good. Watch as you change your lifestyle, eat whole foods and socialize at a table to eat with your loved ones, how fast food gets replaced by whole life. Remember, the body is mostly made of water, which is the source of all food. Drink plenty water, and eat whole foods on a dailly diet. As I always say, you are what you eat.


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