The Universal Chef

Now a days when you tell someone your occupation is a Chef, they expect that you just cook. Cooking is the product of the creativity of a Chef’s cause for living. A Chefs life is expressed through their cooking. Love, Pain, Joy, excitement, and anger, produce profound creations of cuisines in the food industry. People fail to realize how much food has an effect on everyday lives.
Years ago humans were at the bottom of the food chain. It was not easy to get something to eat without taking the chance of being eaten by an animal, or killed in the process. However hunting was the only way to get food. Now we have supermarkets to shop in, that are safe from the threats of nature. People do not have to worry about being eaten for, or by their food .
Everything people need without hard work, fear, or exercise, is just a cashier away. Thus, giving people more time to be entertained by life, causing health to take a Backseat. Supermarkets have made people have to exercise instead of, getting their exercise collecting their food. Socializing is also lost, when people do not have time to break bread together. No more sharing life’s special moments with family or friends. Now it is just push a button, and let us eat.
Instant gratification has become a way of life for people. Time is of the essence, everyone is in a rush, so they need ready to eat food, the instant they are ready to eat. In order to make this possible nutrients have been taken out of foods, and replaced with preservatives, and additives. Making fast food unhealthy, just so it lasts longer on the shelf, and looks pretty when you buy it, sucks!
Do not get me wrong sometimes people do not have time for a half hour meal. However, that is not an excuse to constantly eat unhealthy. Too much of anything is not good for anyone. Fresh food is the way to go. Fresh food does not have to cost more money either. Local farmers markets are great and inexpensive, and they support local farmers. Fresh food also tastes great, and gives you natural vitamins and minerals your body needs. Just think of how much litter a person can save by eating natural fresh foods. Or all the energy your child will have in school.
Give it a try the next time you go shopping, visit, a store or market. Buy your meals two, to three days at a time. This will give you more fun with variety of, creating new meals. Pick up some snacks, or maybe even some rice crispies and let the kids help you make a treat. Maybe even create your own snack mix, or candy apples.
Let us bring love back to food. By doing so we can show the earth how much we love our universe, and people. Our waste will become more healthy for the earth, by creating less garbage. We want life to continually evolve, naturally. The end of the world should be due to evolution, not pollution. Go Green!!!

©Chef Gaban/Wheeler2011


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