Nature in Time

As the sun caresses the earth’s surface,

Heat from its rays reflect on the mountains valleys,

From the highest to the lowest peak.

Radiating a heat

Like fire on ice,

Steaming from the earth’s core.

As the earth’s water evaporates,

The roots of Mother Nature absorb its nourishment.

Secreting its energy through her green and radiant colors,

That flourishes the earth like streams.

As Mother Nature smiles at me

The Creator touches my heart.

As I breathe in her aroma it reminds me how it all began.

As I get lost in her fragrance

My spirit begins to dance.

I am not the only one because the birds of the air respect her abundance,

And the animals on land admire her life,

While the seas amazing DNA adores her without duplication.

Her ambiance embodies my mind,

Causing my seven chakras go blind to see through her beauty,

And touch her magnetic field.

My senses erupt with infinite passion,

And visions of peace dance all around me.

I have touched Mother Nature, and can live in all her splendor.

She exists in me and the universe eliminating even light years away.

As the sun begins to set her eyes touch mine,

And make the most beautiful silhouette greater than love.

The mountains began to move,

Her waters start to coincide.

Mother Nature evolves the land that the Creator provides,

She is life.

The Creators cause for everything.

Always echoing her light on my skin feeding my fire from within.

As the animals and I sleep her presence gives the earth complete control,

But only through our roots, because we are the story untold.

The universe is the stage and the Creator wrote the play.

I and Mother Nature act.

She is my lover, the soul of the earth’s core,

And I am her father time.

No matter what life we are in her love will always be mine, and I hers.

Because time and nature coincide,

And are ruled by only one true divine,

Water, and



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