Food For Thought

Over the years I have cooked in many places in the United States.
I have also learned from many great chefs along the way.
With any job comes a passion for a type of work.
Cooking is an all around work of art.
Becoming a chef takes a creative heart in all five senses.
Food must look appetizing.
The aroma from food should be alluring.
Textures can make eating a pleasure.
If your food is talking its too rare to enjoy.
If it feels good inside with every bite than that means the Chef did their job
and had a sixth sense to your heart.
Most chefs these days are not motivated by life.
They dont realize that its taking an oath picking up that knife.
You promise to be sanitary, consistantly hot and cold food, fresh and on time.
Sometimes if it takes too long you dont even pay a dime.
These days people want to cook but not take the oath. I realize this when ever food being served has grown old, or been dropped on the floor and still sent out on a plate.
I wonder even what happend to the soup Zack spit in by mistake.
Ill is right but its true.
People dont realize by harming the food you harm the people that consume it too.


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