they kept telling me i was crazy but i didnt want to listen
it took my true love to help me see the things i hide from within
its not a fortae it can be controlled
it dose not have to be erased just handled
you see years of lonely departure have pushed me to a wall i must bumbard
or risk my own life by looosing its love
something i refuse to do being so stubborn
so as i take this jorney with my architects design
i begin to fill in all the lonely times
action takes course and my soul cries out
realeasing all resentment and filling my empty heart
my mind slows down as i handle its reign
as i seek at the edge of the universe i capturre my brain
filling in the blank spots desifering its concern
experiencing a world in a matrix conspiracy burns
ashes of religion desintergrate into earth
my heart begins to smile my blood overflows
touching every being in my path
i am contagous like a bug
but im not gonna take the easy way out suicide is not an option
for rest its an escape from life
which i love too much and i have to live it
because its in everything around me and i am a part of it
even as crazy as i am


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