Always stand up for what you believe in
Sometimes people make mistakes which is ok
as long as they learn from them or try to fix or not do them again
Asserting your position lets people know how you stand
People will only do what you allow
People view you on what you show them
However, just because you can do it to someone
doesnt always mean you should
Who you are does not have to be forever
Time constantly changes life
No moment is exactly the same
Believe in yourself because you are who people see
As a man thinketh therefore he is
Mind over matter through laws of attraction
The question is not what matters
but who are you
Your honour will build matter


Nature in Time

As the sun caresses the earth’s surface,

Heat from its rays reflect on the mountains valleys,

From the highest to the lowest peak.

Radiating a heat

Like fire on ice,

Steaming from the earth’s core.

As the earth’s water evaporates,

The roots of Mother Nature absorb its nourishment.

Secreting its energy through her green and radiant colors,

That flourishes the earth like streams.

As Mother Nature smiles at me

The Creator touches my heart.

As I breathe in her aroma it reminds me how it all began.

As I get lost in her fragrance

My spirit begins to dance.

I am not the only one because the birds of the air respect her abundance,

And the animals on land admire her life,

While the seas amazing DNA adores her without duplication.

Her ambiance embodies my mind,

Causing my seven chakras go blind to see through her beauty,

And touch her magnetic field.

My senses erupt with infinite passion,

And visions of peace dance all around me.

I have touched Mother Nature, and can live in all her splendor.

She exists in me and the universe eliminating even light years away.

As the sun begins to set her eyes touch mine,

And make the most beautiful silhouette greater than love.

The mountains began to move,

Her waters start to coincide.

Mother Nature evolves the land that the Creator provides,

She is life.

The Creators cause for everything.

Always echoing her light on my skin feeding my fire from within.

As the animals and I sleep her presence gives the earth complete control,

But only through our roots, because we are the story untold.

The universe is the stage and the Creator wrote the play.

I and Mother Nature act.

She is my lover, the soul of the earth’s core,

And I am her father time.

No matter what life we are in her love will always be mine, and I hers.

Because time and nature coincide,

And are ruled by only one true divine,

Water, and


The Universal Chef

Now a days when you tell someone your occupation is a Chef, they expect that you just cook. Cooking is the product of the creativity of a Chef’s cause for living. A Chefs life is expressed through their cooking. Love, Pain, Joy, excitement, and anger, produce profound creations of cuisines in the food industry. People fail to realize how much food has an effect on everyday lives.
Years ago humans were at the bottom of the food chain. It was not easy to get something to eat without taking the chance of being eaten by an animal, or killed in the process. However hunting was the only way to get food. Now we have supermarkets to shop in, that are safe from the threats of nature. People do not have to worry about being eaten for, or by their food .
Everything people need without hard work, fear, or exercise, is just a cashier away. Thus, giving people more time to be entertained by life, causing health to take a Backseat. Supermarkets have made people have to exercise instead of, getting their exercise collecting their food. Socializing is also lost, when people do not have time to break bread together. No more sharing life’s special moments with family or friends. Now it is just push a button, and let us eat.
Instant gratification has become a way of life for people. Time is of the essence, everyone is in a rush, so they need ready to eat food, the instant they are ready to eat. In order to make this possible nutrients have been taken out of foods, and replaced with preservatives, and additives. Making fast food unhealthy, just so it lasts longer on the shelf, and looks pretty when you buy it, sucks!
Do not get me wrong sometimes people do not have time for a half hour meal. However, that is not an excuse to constantly eat unhealthy. Too much of anything is not good for anyone. Fresh food is the way to go. Fresh food does not have to cost more money either. Local farmers markets are great and inexpensive, and they support local farmers. Fresh food also tastes great, and gives you natural vitamins and minerals your body needs. Just think of how much litter a person can save by eating natural fresh foods. Or all the energy your child will have in school.
Give it a try the next time you go shopping, visit, a store or market. Buy your meals two, to three days at a time. This will give you more fun with variety of, creating new meals. Pick up some snacks, or maybe even some rice crispies and let the kids help you make a treat. Maybe even create your own snack mix, or candy apples.
Let us bring love back to food. By doing so we can show the earth how much we love our universe, and people. Our waste will become more healthy for the earth, by creating less garbage. We want life to continually evolve, naturally. The end of the world should be due to evolution, not pollution. Go Green!!!

┬ęChef Gaban/Wheeler2011

Dragon Fruit



The other day I took a trip to my local farmers market and got a treat. As I walked down the aisle I saw something exquisite. I was surprised to learn instantly I did not have to go to China for a piece of dragon fruit, because it was right in front of me. In all it purple, red, and green, my eyes began to brighten as I told my wife,” we just have to buy one of these.” She smiled at me and we left the store excited realizing the fruit we were about to explore.

The taste of the fruit was unique and I was amazed. I did not know what to expect because with a dragon fruit, what you see is not what you get. The outside is beautiful and red, pink, and yellow, with green leaves. Dragon fruit reminds you of a cactus pear, being it’s a member of the cactus family. This druit tastes best served cold. However, when you open it its pulp is white with tiny black seeds. What a strange fruit, with such a remarkable taste. Sweet and tangy it was like fresh candy I could pick. Remints you of a cross between a kiwi, pear, and a friut from Grenada called sugar apple.

I will definitely buy it again, for fruit platters to impress. Dragon fruit also makes great juice, cocktails, jams, jellies, or just a snack with yogurt. Dragon fruit even has health benefits. It is high in anti oxidants,phosphorus, fiber, calcium and vitamin C. It also is low in calories, helps hypertension, eyesight, boosts the immune system, and prevents cancer. So next time you go to the store, try something new. Just because a fruit is named after a dragon does not mean its bad for you.


The first time I savoured you it was through my parents veins.
As i came into existence you never faded.
The aroma of your oils
lingers to my stomach.
Everytime I taste you i smile
cause my body loved your style.
You fit into anything
sweet or savory.
You balance the scale of the universes essential cooking.
Curing the masses through touch meant in lifes destiny.
The eight wonders of the world and you are among the first.
Even deep in reliigion you are submerged
eternal and external
as masses absorb your nutrients.
You are gas
liquid and solid
and in all forms your healing exists.
An old remedie from my father that definately still exists.
Toasted to you garlic many peoples lives health exist.

Food For Thought

Over the years I have cooked in many places in the United States.
I have also learned from many great chefs along the way.
With any job comes a passion for a type of work.
Cooking is an all around work of art.
Becoming a chef takes a creative heart in all five senses.
Food must look appetizing.
The aroma from food should be alluring.
Textures can make eating a pleasure.
If your food is talking its too rare to enjoy.
If it feels good inside with every bite than that means the Chef did their job
and had a sixth sense to your heart.
Most chefs these days are not motivated by life.
They dont realize that its taking an oath picking up that knife.
You promise to be sanitary, consistantly hot and cold food, fresh and on time.
Sometimes if it takes too long you dont even pay a dime.
These days people want to cook but not take the oath. I realize this when ever food being served has grown old, or been dropped on the floor and still sent out on a plate.
I wonder even what happend to the soup Zack spit in by mistake.
Ill is right but its true.
People dont realize by harming the food you harm the people that consume it too.


They say we at the bottom of the map but the world is a sphere and we are actually on top in the begining of our atmosphere. They say there is nothing at the bottum. Yet everywhere you look everything is fresh life is less stress. Time is of no essence
and as seasons change
the weather stays the same.
At the bottum there is always rest.
Such an opposite to be the question remains the same opposites attract but how can the bottum be on top.
The last time i checked
Its simple to defne
the universe expands outside of all space and time.
No matter where we are at.
What we do is not contengent upon where we live on a map.


You see time waits for no man
As time passes you have to fit in where you can
As you make yourself present life evolves
You start to see time give you what you want
But only if your mind is set
on what you believe
Your honor begins to create and achieve
Things start to turn your way because you have made yourself present for time
Now the space you contain is of personal design
whatever you want its your duty to make it survive
You take life over and give it something new
dont give up and watch how it works
Not just for yourself but also everyone in your ciphor
This new is nothing like the old
its made to live better than before
Enduring to persevere
standing strong even when finances are gone
Running towards fear and turning it to prey makes you stronger with every day
The levels are unseen but through time you have the power to make reality your dreams


they kept telling me i was crazy but i didnt want to listen
it took my true love to help me see the things i hide from within
its not a fortae it can be controlled
it dose not have to be erased just handled
you see years of lonely departure have pushed me to a wall i must bumbard
or risk my own life by looosing its love
something i refuse to do being so stubborn
so as i take this jorney with my architects design
i begin to fill in all the lonely times
action takes course and my soul cries out
realeasing all resentment and filling my empty heart
my mind slows down as i handle its reign
as i seek at the edge of the universe i capturre my brain
filling in the blank spots desifering its concern
experiencing a world in a matrix conspiracy burns
ashes of religion desintergrate into earth
my heart begins to smile my blood overflows
touching every being in my path
i am contagous like a bug
but im not gonna take the easy way out suicide is not an option
for rest its an escape from life
which i love too much and i have to live it
because its in everything around me and i am a part of it
even as crazy as i am