Covid-19 Relief Aid Donation

Covid-19 has caused for me be laid off from both my jobs at restaurants. The virus outbreak has closed my jobs until further notice. Due to limited funding at local organizations, relief is not available. So I have created my own lifeline on go fund me. I do not know where my next meal will come from. I do not know how my bills will get paid. Anything you can give will be of great help. You can donate at the link below.

Natural Selection vs White Privilege

Today I took an uber to work as usual. Once arriving at my destination my uber pulled over at a side street blocking its intersection. As I exited the vehicle to go to my place of employment, a woman in a catering truck began to turn onto this side street. With me in the middle of the road she had to ride up on the side walk, or wait for me to cross. She chose the sidewalk. Shaking her head looking at me with discuss. I replied “So your going to run me over?

She rolls down her window saying ” in going to get rolled over”.

Now I’m in foot. She’s in a catering van. But she’s gonna get rolled over by traffic, that is at a stand still behind her. Yeah right.

I did not curse her but I had to yell my response do to loud construction on the other side of the street. ” Don’t be rude, have some consideration. I’m a pedestrian I have the right if way. If I knew where you worked I’d report your driving. Have some respect for people.”

Her response “I know where you work. I’m gonna call them and report you. ” I told her that’s fine I’m standing right here at it. I knew I wasn’t in the wrong. Every commercial van has a call about my driving sticker on the back. This one had no sign of business. So I took a deep breath and went on with my day. An hour late my manager asks do I kniw about a incident with a woman. I told him what happened. He said the woman said I threatened her. I told him I had no reason too. I had witnesses thankfully. The construction men and a co worker saw the incident. I told my manager it’s amazing how a blue eyed, blonde haired woman can call and say I threatened her and I’m automatically accused. He was quite.This is the same man who thought a young man in a Philly Starbucks was lawfully arrested for looking suspicious. Even in that instance I had to explain to him if your big and black it does not make you a threat. What it my managers big white behind was in the same position. Would that be ok.

Sometimes people don’t see how white priceless effects others. It made me angry. But natural selection is all perception. It’s based on demographics by nature. What you see becomes your beauty. What you are exposed to becomes your environment. White privilege will never become extinct. Because of natural selection it has to exist. The brightest species gets all the attention, love, and respect.

However, we can change how we deal with it. People only bow to fear or admiration. Pick one. You bow to natural selection out of beauty, or kneel to white privilege out of fear. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Shrimp Etouffe


New Orleans, Louisiana is my favorite vacation spot. Not just for the food but the pwople there are amazing and hospitable. Since i couldn’t get to NOLA, I brought it totmy house. I have been wanting to make shrimp etouffe for days now, but I did not have the time to take to make it. Finally I got to do it tonight. I realized that I did not have any green peppers. I did not let this stop me. Yes a true Trinity mirepox needs green pepper. But I had every other color bell pepper, and decided trip color bell peppers would be my Trinity mirepox. I added some garlic, scallions, and parsley. It worked. I dedicated time to this roux. 20 minutes of stirring seemed endless. Yet it was so worth the effort. This was delicious. I think I’ll be making more roux base dishes.


Swordfish Romesco En Papillote

Everyone has a night when you want to eat a good meal, but not spend all evening cooking it. Especially when it comes to preparing fish, cooking can get messy. Tonight I made dinner delicious, simple, and under 30 minutes.

I started with some chopped fresh vegetables. Tomatoes, celery, onions, red peppers, and garlic were my veggie tribute to a Romesco Swordfish dish.

Drizzle some olive oil over the vegetables. Then place a piece of seasoned fish on the bed of vegtables. Top that with some butter, and pinch the edges closed. This meal gives you portion control. Plus its a nive surprise when you smell the aroma opening your foil to eat it. Bake for 15 minutes at 400 degrees. Add a quick salad side, and dinner is served.

I do this meal in parchment paper usually for an authentic En Papillote. The foil seemed easier, because you just pinch it closed. So give it a try, and save some time.

Making Madeline Cookies Without A Cookie Mold

Madeline’s are one of my favorite cookies. They are sweet, moist, buttery, and fluffy. Every bite of one brings you back to sweet memories of being a kid. These cookies are simple to make. They go great with a cup of coffee. I like them chocolate dipped, or topped with powdered sugar.

I wanted to make Madeline’s, but I realized I didn’t have a mold to bake them in. I didn’t let that stop me. After doing some googling, someone suggested making foil molds. I figured why not use foil to my advantage, and make lady finger shaped Madeline’s.

After mixing the batter I greased parchment paper with butter, and dusted it with flour. Making sure the paper covered the surface of a cookie sheet. Madeline batter spreads as it cooks. This is why a mold is important, but I don’t have one. So i used foil as a wall barrier helping to seperate my cookies while they baked. Otherwise without a barrier I would have a Madeline cookie cake. The foil worked. I was able to enjoy Madeline cookies without a mold. They were the right shape just a little bigger without a crimp. My recipe called for 12 cookies and I made 8.

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t succeed. Be innovative and achieve your dreams. With a little tweaking I’m sure I can make these cookies form even better next time.So it’s not a myth, you can make Madeline’s without a mold.

Beet Rice Seared Scallops Fish And Broccoli Slaw

Beets are healthy, and tastier than they look. I wanted beets for dinner, but needed a new way to eat them. Ive had beets pureed, pickled, and roasted, but thats it. I saw a recipe for a beet and rice burger so I figured I could make beet rice.

Beet rice is a great simple way to get more beets in your diet. Saute some beets, garlic, onions, and ginger in a little oil. Add some cumin tumeric, salt, and pepper, and Jasmine rice. Boil the rice following the it’s cooking instructions. For a perfect touch once you cook the rice stir in some fresh cilantro. This was delicious. I paired it with sunflower seeds, and bacon, broccoli slaw, and seared scallops and fish. This meal was appealing in color. Filled with a rainbow of healthy vegtables, seeds, and grains. Beet rice is something I’ll definitely make again. If you want to get your kids eating beets this is a great way.

Eating healthy does not have to be a chore. Have fun trying new things, and the world will open up it’s flavor profile to you. Put your own twist on a recipe you like. Match up meals of interest together and find a new cuisine style. You will not regret creating new meals you never knew existed, and being thankful for it.

Candied Fennel Seeds

Tried something new that came out great. I wanted the taste of fennel but sweet, and not savory. First I prepared a simple syrup. Half sugar, and half water in a sauce pan. Cooking it down until ut reduced into a simple syrup. Keeping it warm on low heat so it wouldn’t harden.

I toasted some fennel seeds in a sauce pan. Just enough heat to turn them light brown and get the flavor to release. As soon as the seeds toasted, I stirred in enough simple syrup to coated the seeds over low heat in the sauce pan. Once coated I immediately put seeds on to parchment paper. Smeard them into a thin layer. Let them cool 1 minute. Once semi hardened I began pulling the candy off the paper, and breaking it up.

For a dust of the candy I placed them in a food processor. Taking a small mesh strainer, and seperated the large pieces from the dust. Now I had irregular shapes of candied fennel seeds. A dusting powder, and irregular pieces, could be used many ways, in different recipes.

The taste was exquisite. It tasted like homemade healthy licorice. Candied fennel seeds can be used on salads, in dressing, sauces, desserts, and drinks. Who knew something so simple could be so appetizing to the pallet. I can’t wait to try this candy in different recipes. To start though I put it on a salad.

Extreme Confidence For Infinite Defeat

When you can’t do for yourself you really on someone else.

When you’re weak they are strong.

When you’re dumb they give you insight.

When you’re scared they are brave.

When you’re hurt they ease your pain.

When you’re safe they make you happy.

When your lonley they are affectionate.

When you’re too weak to step they carry.

When you pray someone hears.

But what happens when there is no one there?

When you die who cares?

Was it a dream, or realities mirror?

Did you brainwash yourself, in a dystopian conspiracy?

When you run towards fear, what light draws near.

As you mourn your fantasy watch reality console your blood stream.

Energy will continuously regenerate in your conscious thoughts making you discernment.

I am, power, strong, and regenerating.

I am courage, brave enough to change the world.

I am not afraid of anything because I only live once.

I trained my mind, body, and soul, to withstand the world.

I will defeat, because I can have the energy to convince.

Don’t let anyone tear you down.

Growth is your ultimate ground.

You are the best and can sustain any power once you dominate.

So don’t be passive or shy.

Let their anger drive you to control fate.

Have confidence and honor because you create your pride.

You don’t need anyone but you to make your dreams coincide.

However if you fall and don’t get up, and someone helps you your not just.

To be just you must be free, and able to get up from your knees.

To be free you must be abel to conquer your own me.

Freedom does not answer or bow.

Freedom stands and uses the wind to move forward.

How To Cut Onions or Jalapenos Without Crying

Cutting onions is never fun, unless your an onion lover. The smell of onions makes your eyes water, and burn. If you have to cut a few pounds your in for a fight, unless you know a few tricks.

Onions are a base, and you can easily escape the pain by neutralizing them with acid. Lemon and vinegar can be great escapes if they go with the ingredients for the meal you are preparing. Just rub your cutting surface with lemon, or vinegar, before you begin cutting. The smell will be balanced as you cut, to get a breath of fresh air.

However, the fool proof way to escape the torture of onion tears, and burns is your breathing. Do not breath through your nose, once you begin cutting. Only breath through your mouth until you finish cutting fresh onions. This will leave your nasal passage, and tear ducts safe from onion aromas. Your mouth can handle the onion aromas in the air. Plus as you inhale through your mouth, saliva will immerse the onion particles that you inhale. Remember wash your hands as soon as you are done handling the onions. You do not want to rub onion juice in your eye. This works well for spicy peppers to like jalapenos. Now next time you want some flavor in your recipe, you don’t have to suffer, or be fearful of pain.